Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Audi Enter Sandbox - virtual reality Audi Q5 test drives!

Audi Norway have unveiled the Audi VR Sandbox virtual reality test drives.

The Audi 'Enter Sandbox' project allows people to use Virtual Reality to test drive Audi Q5 on a track that they have designed!  First, people are given the chance to build a track in a sand box, it is then scanned and played back in a real-time VR experience using Oculus Rift.

The Audi Enter Sandbox virtual reality VR test drives enable people to experience the Audi Q5 in an impactful, fun and immersive way:

Audi Enter Sandbox virtual reality
Audi Enter Sandbox virtual reality

You can see the Audi virtual reality sandbox for yourself at
and there is a behind the scenes Audi film that explains the 'making of' the Audi Enter Sandbox project here too:


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Friday, 6 January 2017

Ed Sheeran Snapchat Lens filter for 'Shape Of You' new single

Ed Sheeran is back - and he has found a great new way of using Snapchat to tease and promote his latest single...!

Ed Sheeran Snapchat Lens filter Shape Of You
Ed Sheeran Snapchat Lens
Ed Sheeran has used a Snapchat Lens to showcase his new single 'Shape Of You' and has allowed Snapchat users to hear a 30 second clip of the track whilst they can add sunglasses and effects to their own selfies!

@Caitlyn showed how the Ed Sheeran Snapchat lens filter looks with her tweet here:
and also interesting to see that Ed Sheeran has also promoted 'Shape Of You' through his 'teddysphotos' Instagram account too:

A video posted by Ed Sheeran (@teddysphotos) on

An innovative and fun way of using social media to bring the new Ed Sheeran single to life!


Ed Sheeran's new singles 'Shape Of You' and 'Castle on the Hill' have broken the Spotify record for one-day streams!

NME write: "Shape Of You’ is the new record holder, registering 6,868,642 in the 24 hours after its release early on Friday. ‘Castle On The Hill’ faired similarly numbers-wise, pulling in 6,168,395 streams. The stats have been compiled by Sheeran’s label, Warner Music."

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Sunday, 25 December 2016

EON Sverige - Christmas lights solar energy battery campaign

EON have been running TV advertising in Sweden this Christmas to promote the idea of battery stored solar power - 'Turn on your Christmas lights with a good conscience, use solar energy all year round with our storage battery.'  The TV ad centres around a house with an amazing Christmas lights and laser display set to the DubVision Remix of Avicii - 'For A Better Day.'

There is some nice additional content for those willing to dig a bit further into the eon campaign too. The Swedish eon website highlights what solar battery storage is, talks about the virtues of being a solfarmare ('sun farmer') and promotes advocacy through featuring stories of people who have installed the solar battery technology.

eon website solar energy battery storage
The eon website features additional information about solar energy battery storage
The story behind the Christmas lights is brought to life with an additional YouTube video that features the Christmas lights enthusiasts who own the house in the ad:

A fun seasonal campaign that promotes the product benefits and nicely ties everything together in a connected system of paid ads and content!

(+ Happy Christmas / Seasons Greetings to you all!)

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Monday, 19 December 2016

Facebook Messenger codes and the bot future?

Heathrow airport security really want your feedback.  Once passengers have finished the security screening process they are asked for feedback and given a dizzying array of options including phone, Facebook, Facebook Messenger (through scannable code), Emoticon face button and even through writing using the envelopes provided on the lower left!

Heathrow airport security Facebook Messenger feedback options
Heathrow airport security - feedback options

I thought the Facebook Messenger shortcode was interesting as it's the first time that I can recall seeing one used 'in the wild.'  In 2016 there has been a lot of conversation about chatbots and Messenger solutions, but it has been slower to take off than people perhaps initially anticipated.

I think there are two key challenges around Messenger adoption:

1) Discovery - the majority of people don't seem to realise how to find a Messenger profile / bot in order to interact with it (this is from anecdotal research rather than through any official research - but I challenge anyone outside of San Francisco to find more than a handful of friends who know how to get to a Facebook chatbot...)  The truth is that it's remarkably easy once you know how - message through a Facebook Page and you get a response through Messenger OR just search for the company in Messenger like you would a friend OR scan a Messenger short code.

....which leads me onto:

2) Use cases - I believe that the key use case for Facebook Messenger will be customer service.  It's a more personal (and private) form of community management that sees the community managers role move from public space to private space and become more akin to a call centre.  Additionally, the key role for bots is as an FAQ solution - responding to standard questions ('what time do you open?', 'do you have a kids menu?', 'do you offer non-smoking rooms?' etc) through tapping into easily databased information rather than bots being an interactive / free form kind of artificial friend to talk to.  Further down the line bots may become more emotionally aware and able to hold proper conversations but for the moment I think the best and most widespread use will be for customer service around standard questions.

So what does this all mean?  3 predictions:

1) The need to promote a Messenger handle increases.  In the same way that advertisers used to run fan recruitment advertising to grow their Facebook fan bases, (rightly or wrongly) I believe there will be an explosion in 'Add us on Messenger advertising' in 2017.  We will also start to see Messenger shortcodes used more and more frequently by brands.

2) As the 'Messenger for advertisers' hype dies down in 2017, I believe the role for Messenger in the advertising system will become focussed around customer service and this will play out between community management and the call centre.

3) Generally the most effective and widely used bots (at least for the foreseeable future) will not be found offering 'conversational commerce', but will be found offering quick and easy answers to customers most frequently asked questions.

As always, let me know in the comments if you agree or disagree!

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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Elton John - 'The Cut' YouTube video project launched to celebrate song writing 50th anniversary

Elton John and Bernie Taupin are celebrating 50 years of their song writing partnership, a combination that has produced a string of classic hits over the years. Many of these Elton John songs were created before the advent of music video and 'Elton John - The Cut' is a YouTube video project that aims to fix this!

'Elton John - The Cut' is all about giving YouTube creators the chance to create official music videos for these legendary Elton John hits - Rocket Man, Bennie & the Jets and Tiny Dancer.  Entries to 'The Cut' will be judged by professionals and the winners of The Cut project will also be awarded a prize of $10,000 to support future creations.

'Elton John - The Cut' is a big initiative and it is well supported by YouTube, being unveiled at the YouTube Brandcast event with everything hubbed at

Elton John The Cut YouTube website
Elton John The Cut website
There are also Inspiration videos where Elton John and Bernie Taupin talk about the thinking and inspiration behind the Elton John tracks that will be featured in The Cut project. Elton John and Bernie Taupin talk about the 'Inspiration for Tiny Dancer', revealing that it was 'Elton John's sun-soaked homage to LA':

Elton John and Bernie Taupin also talk about 'Rocket Man - the inspiration', revealing the science fiction book it was based on...

and finally there is an inspiration film for Bennie & The Jets with Elton John telling everyone that it's actually about a girl band:

...and if this isn't enough, there's also a YouTube film called 'How To Make A Video Treatment for Elton John The Cut' too!


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Rudolph Adventson Chatbot creates a Facebook Messenger Christmas advent calendar!

New Facebook Messenger ChatBot Rudolph Adventson promises to create a personalised Christmas advent calendar for users of Facebook Messenger!

Rudolph Adventson hohoho bot
Hohoho - Rudolph Adventson Messenger bot
I am yet to be completely convinced about Facebook Messenger bots (still feels a bit like trying to put ad messages between SMS texts in the early days of mobile), but chatbots like Rudolph Adventson are starting to highlight the creative potential of the Messenger platform.

Chat with Rudolph Adventson
"Chat with Rudolph to create a Christmas Calendar"

According to Botlist, the Rudolph Adventson pitch is that:

"Starting on December 1st your loved ones can explore their christmas calendar on their smartphones, in which they can find and puzzle one of your 24 photos every day. A great way to count down the days until christmas eve and a great way to put 24 smiles on their face. So take your loved ones on a magical trip during this year’s christmas time and create a calendar for them!" 

Users of the Rudolph Adventson chatbot on Messenger upload 24 photos and these are given as 'gifts' one by one, day by day to a recipient who has installed the required app. As with many other Messenger bots, Rudolph Adventson will have the challenge of scaling to a meaningful level, but this looks a fun and interesting Messenger experience and I hope it does well!

The Rudolph Adventson Messenger experience can be accessed here:

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2016 Coca-Cola Christmas Truck on Facebook Live (#HolidaysAreComing)

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck on Facebook Live! (#HolidaysAreComing)

It's the time of year where '#HolidaysAreComing' and Christmas ads start to appear on our TV screens.  In the UK we have had many of the Christmas ad campaigns start already, but there is one that lots of people wait for with anticipation - the Coca-Cola Christmas truck!

This year the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck 'Holidays Are Coming' TV ad will appear on UK screens tonight and this is being brought to life in a number of ways for 2016.

There is a #HolidaysAreComing Coca-Cola Christmas Truck emoji on Twitter if you use the #HolidaysAreComing hashtag.

This week I also saw a big (and fun) in-store replica of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck in my local Tesco store (I would have taken photos but it had kids playing inside and around it at the time...)  and in addition, the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck is undertaking the 'Christmas Truck Tour' which will see the Coca-Cola Christmas truck visit a range of cities across the UK as we approach Christmas.

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour Facebook Live
Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour - about to broadcast Live on Facebook Live

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck tour kicked off on Thursday night in London and the first Truck Tour stop was live streamed through Facebook Live to the Coca-Cola UK Facebook Page!  Viewers could see the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Live on the Coke Facebook Page in the UK and could watch the large Coca-Cola Christmas projection on the side of the truck, whilst those who attended in person were given a free Coke.

CocaCola Christmas Truck Tour Santa Projection
Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour projection

CocaCola Christmas Truck Tour projection on Facebook Live
Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour projection on Facebook Live

There was also the opportunity for people to send their Holiday messages through social media to appear on the side of the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck using the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing:

CocaCola Christmas Truck Tour social media messages
Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour social media messages

This was a fun way of bringing the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour to life for both those who could attend the Truck Tour stop and those who just wanted to watch through the Facebook Page.

If you would like to know where the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour will be stopping then all the details can be found on the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour section of the Coca-Cola UK website here:

..and if you can't wait for the full length Coca-Cola Christmas Truck TV ad tonight, then this short one should get you in the mood:

#HolidaysAreComing :-)

[disclaimer - Coca-Cola are a client of MediaCom in the UK.  I personally have not worked on this activity, I just enjoy the Coca-Cola Christmas ads]

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Facebook Live ad campaign - examples

I've been fascinated by Facebook Live and have written a number of articles about it recently.  One of the most interesting Facebook Live developments has been the new Facebook Live ad campaign which has seen Facebook Live TV ads, Facebook Live poster ads and Facebook ads... on Facebook.

Facebook Live ad
Facebook Live ad from Facebook

Facebook Live ad campaign
Facebook Live ad from Facebook

Facebook Live bus shelter ad
Facebook Live bus shelter ad in London

Facebook Live ad campaign bus shelter
Facebook Live bus shelter ad in London
So will this Facebook Live ad campaign get more 'normal people' using Facebook Live?  It will be interesting to find out!!!

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Casey Neistat & Emirates - the blogger and the $21,000 airline seat!

Well known blogger Casey Neistat was travelling on Emirates from Dubai to New York and was given an upgrade to First Class.  This was a masterstroke by Emirates as Casey Neistat then documented the entire experience in a 10 minute video posting that has now been viewed millions of times:

Casey Neistat describes the food, the service and even records a few on flight shower scenes too!  This video functions as a strong endorsement for Emirates and is arguably more powerful than any messages that they could have pushed out themselves through traditional paid advertising.

Casey Neistat Emirates upgrade shower
Casey Neistat films from the inflight Emirates shower room!
Clever stuff and a good demonstration of how co-opting credible and relevant influencers can really benefit a brand.

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Twitter, Wimbledon and Andy Roddick - live streaming at the tennis!

Twitter have just started their first live stream Sports broadcast direct from the Wimbledon tennis championships.

The Wimbledon Twitter live stream features the matches of Roger Federer v Marin Cilic and Milos Raonic v Sam Querrey as well as discussion, interviews and updates from other Wimbledon games.

'Brought to you by ESPN' the Wimbledon Twitter live stream content can be accessed from desktop or mobile and a link to the Wimbledon Twitter live stream tennis is posted as a pinned tweet to the @wimbledon Twitter account (or you can access the Wimbledon live stream directly here):

Wimbledon tennis Twitter live stream pinned tweet

The Twitter live stream of Wimbledon tennis can be viewed on desktop and the Wimbledon live stream can also be viewed on mobile through the Twitter mobile site or through the Twitter app:

Twitter Wimbledon live stream desktop view

Twitter Wimbledon live stream mobile view (with tweets underneath)
Twitter have offered live streaming for users through Periscope for a while, but this is the first real push that I have seen Twitter make into live streaming professional sport.  YouTube started with professional streaming and will shortly move into consumer / any user live streaming, whereas Twitter have gone in the reverse direction!

Interestingly, former US tennis pro-Andy Roddick is live streaming around Wimbledon too.  Using Twitter's Periscope live streaming app, Andy Roddick talks about 'all things Wimbledon', responds to user questions and then captures interesting snippets from his full Periscope broadcasts using SnappyTV and tweets these afterwards:

Periscope promoting forthcoming Andy Roddick live stream

Andy Roddick Periscope - capture and retweet using SnappyTV 

The one thing this all highlights (again) is how far social media has shifted - it started with text, then moved to photo, then moved to video and now we are seeing more and more 'Live' going through social channels and Andy Roddick's Periscoping and the Twitter Wimbledon live stream are further example of this...enjoy!

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