Sunday, 13 July 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 memes - my favourites from the last 4 weeks...

The FIFA World Cup 2014 is almost finished and I’ve really enjoyed it! Furthermore, social media has been alive throughout and it has been great fun to see the iconic moments of this tournament played out through memes and online discussion.

From start to finish key moments have been amplified online and on the final day of the 2014 FIFA World Cup tournament I wanted to capture some of the most entertaining here:

1) Van Persieing 

The opening round saw my favourite goal of the tournament as Spain and the Netherlands were matched up again in Salvador. After going 1-0 down, a remarkable goal prompted a remarkable Netherlands fightback. On the stroke of half-time the Netherlands’ Robin Van Persie dived into the air to head Danny Blind’s cross over Casillas and into the Spanish goal. This spawned #vanpersieing, a bit like the previous craze of ‘planking’ but this time tied to a piece of sporting brilliance:

2) Sabella falling over 

When Argentina came close to scoring in their match against Belgium their coach, Alejandro Sabella, decided to close his eyes and fall backwards. Strange – and the sort of thing that internet silliness is born from – cue Sabella in various contexts…

sabella falling over michael jackson
Sabella falling over with Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
3) The Luis Suarez bite 

The ‘flawed genius’ moment for the 2014 FIFA World Cup was undoubtedly the Luis Suarez bite incident. Twitter went mad, brands sensed an ‘Oreo moment’ and the key clip was analysed, replayed and remixed across the web. I thought Specsavers stayed on brand and played on it well:

Suarez Specsavers FIFA World Cup viral

4) James Rodriguez Locust arm 

Not content with leading the goalscoring charts and forcing all people in the world called James to re-brand themselves as ‘Hamez’, Colombia’s James Rodriguez brought an insect onto centre stage after he scored his quarter-final penalty. Clearly visible to the TV audiences around the world, James Rodriguez had a locust on his arm – I would have freaked, he didn’t…

James Rodriguez locust arm
James Rodriguez locust arm

5) Tim Howard saves 

The Mexican keeper Ochoa was taken to the hearts of the internet as, after some amazing performances, he became known as ‘the wall.’ The Costa Rica goalkeeper was similarly praised, but Tim Howard was the centre of the most internet attention, all around the idea of ‘Tim Howard saves.’ Cue photoshop madness with Tim Howard saving lots of things…

Tim Howard saves the dinosaurs
Tim Howard saves the dinosaurs

There were other examples of 'viral' content and memes around the FIFA World Cup.  Many of them were Dutch (Arjen Robben falling over, Huntelaar’s corner flag karate kick, 'concrete Ron's penalty...) and, of course, there were lots of things created around that semi-final result, but the above five are my favourite 'viral' content pieces from around the FIFA World Cup 2014.

All of the above are slightly silly, based around unpredicatable moments and great performances.  Above everything though, all of these examples are based on ideas that are eminently shareable, inspiring others to join in and develop them more.

A great tournament and great fun – enjoy!

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Diplo using Instagram to tease his latest remix

Producer / remixer / artist Diplo is currently in the process of remixing Lorde's 'Tennis Court.' We know this because he decided to tease us using his Instagram account. A black and white Instagram video clip highlights some of the new tune and sees Diplo's 613,269 Instagram followers alerted to his new work - a simple but clever way of leveraging a social space to introduce a new release!

Diplo Instagram tease

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Arsenal players Facetime Theo Walcott after FA Cup Final victory

The 2014 FA Cup Final saw Arsenal play Hull at Wembley Stadium in London.  After a great game Arsenal won the FA Cup trophy, but, after getting injured in an earlier round, Arsenal's Theo Walcott was not at Wembley stadium.

Theo Walcott's Arsenal team mates felt sorry for him, so they 'Facetimed' him directly from the pitch!

Theo Walcott Arsenal FA Cup Facetime
Theo Walcott Arsenal Facetime at the FA Cup Final
On their official YouTube channel Arsenal published this short video showing how Carl Jenkinson and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain celebrated the FA Cup Final win with Theo Walcott through Facetime.  Technology has moved on since I went to the 1984 FA Cup Final...

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Saturday, 22 March 2014 taking live selfies on The Voice UK #thevoiceuk

In the first series of The Voice UK in 2012 I posted about Will.iam surreptiously using his phone to live tweet during the show direct from his judges chair.  At the time tweeted 'I told the bbc: "it may seem odd me tweeting...but trust me...this will be the norm one day & people are going to copy it"...'

Move on 2 years to today and The Voice UK is highlighting tweets on screen and both presenters and judges are running around taking and posting selfie photos. is the protagonist for all of this, has an iPad with him in his chair and has been busy posting content like this:

William Jermain The Voice Selfie / Jermain selfie photo taken on #thevoiceuk
So I am simultaneously consuming two versions of the same content through two different mediums - the TV showing the content from the main cameras and Twitter showing the behind the scenes content posted by the judges.

Maybe's 2012 tweet was right - it does now seem entirely normal to see people on TV live tweeting and posting...!

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Saturday, 15 March 2014

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola - get a photo with the Trophy!

The FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola has been running since September 2013 and sees the FIFA World Cup trophy touring the world in advance of the Brazil competition.

FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola route map
Last night the #trophy was in Westfield in London (W12) and it was a great experience!

Trophy Tour attendees could have their photo taken with the FIFA World Cup and were then given a print of the photo + a link to a free digital download of it. Here's part of my photo (I've edited out the other people as I haven't asked their permission about whether I can post them here...)

After the photo adult attendees were then offered a choice of a complimentary Coke or Diet Coke.  There was also the opportunity to play various football games like dribbling, shooting, skills etc, with attendees challenged to beat the performance of Daniel Sturridge the previous day.

The Trophy Tour moves onto Glasgow today and then Cardiff tomorrow - all the information is on and the tour posts to Facebook at and Twitter @trophytour.

[Disclaimer: MediaCom work with both Coca-Cola and FIFA]

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Saturday, 15 February 2014

Visualising the storm through plane tracking apps #ukstorm

The UK was really windy last night and there were many problems at London's Heathrow airport.

The departure and arrival screens at London Heathrow tell a story:

...but it's only when you start looking more closely at the 'data' behind this that you really begin to understand what is going on.  Plane tracker apps show the real story:

A flight from Dublin that tried to land at Heathrow, but returned back to Dublin as it was too windy to land in London

A Cathay Pacific cargo flight that did multiple laps of London before landing at a different London airport:

There have been other examples such as a flight from New York that ended up landing in Newcastle in the North of England and various other flights that have been diverted, cancelled or returned to original airport - everything should start to get back to normal tomorrow though and I hope everyone is OK.

The above though is a good example of how today's technology can show behind the headlines and illustrate individual stories in real time - it's not about 'lots of flights delayed', we can now see the individual details of individual flights and empathise accordingly.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Muppets Most Wanted - video trailer features Super Fan tweets!

The YouTube trailer for the new Muppets Most Wanted movie highlights the trend of including Twitter comments on movie promotion. Instead of featuring the comments of publications and 'influencers' though, it features the Twitter comments of Super Fans.

The 35 second Muppet Most Wanted trailer therefore ends up being a fun blend of movie footage and Twitter:

All of the featured Twitter accounts are not highly followed but they seem to love the Muppets:

Muppets mayhem Twitter handles in Muppets Mayhem movie trailer

...and were these Muppets fans excited to be included in the 'Muppets Most Wanted - Across The Internet' video trailer?


Here is just one of the Muppets related responses - 'OMG THE MUPPETS FEATURED ME IN THIS VIDEO!! I'M FAMOUS!'

Muppets Mayhem movie tweet

Word of Mouth recommendation is strongest when it comes from friends and family and the Muppets Most Wanted trailer will have generated significant 'OMG joy' amongst the connections of those featured.  It then gives an interesting 'have you seen what the Muppets did?' angle for everyone else.

So what comes next???

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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year 2014 from London! [Fireworks HD video]

Happy New Year 2014!  Another amazing coordinated New Years Eve music and fireworks display on the River Thames in London - hope you had a good New Year too and best wishes for 2014.

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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sainsbury's #ChristmasInADay full length YouTube film with X Factor Twitter promotion

Inspired by the YouTube film 'Life In A Day', Sainsbury's have created their own version called 'Christmas In A Day.'  Using footage from Christmas 2012, the 'Christmas In A Day' documentary aims to capture 'how Britain really celebrates Christmas' and was directed by Kevin Macdonald.

Sainsbury's have been using clips from 'Christmas In A Day' in their TV ads and have uploaded the full length, 48 minute version to their YouTube channel which was tonight promoted on Twitter and on TV during the X Factor:

Sainsbury's Christmas In A Day promoted tweet
Sainsbury's 'Christmas In A Day' Promoted Tweet

'Christmas In A Day' is a bold approach and notably different from the ads of the other major retailers that are currently on screen. The full length version of 'Christmas In A Day' has an edge to it too as it comes with a warning - 'contains scenes that may be unsuitable for younger viewers, including animal slaughter and nudity.'  (Most of the comment seems to be about the goose killing or the baby birth....)

See the full Sainsbury's Christmas In A Day film here:


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Saturday, 30 November 2013

Black Friday content marketing - how brands built #blackfriday into their content calendars

The majority of the Black Friday marketing communication involved messages screaming 'special offer', 'big discount' or just 'BUY TODAY!!!!'  However, some advertisers used Black Friday as a platform for branding - here are some examples of some of the Black Friday social content that was published on Twitter:

1) XBox

XBox tweeted about the new game Dead Rising 3 and suggested that surviving a Black Friday crowd would equip players to perform well in Dead Rising 3 (Twitter link:

XBox Dead Rising 3 Black Friday tweet
XBox Dead Rising - Black Friday tweet

2) Diet Coke

A can of Diet Coke was suggested as the Black Friday 'secret weapon' by the Diet Coke Twitter account (Twitter link:

Diet Coke Black Friday secret weapon tweet
Diet Coke - Black Friday Secret Weapon tweet

3) Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret simply noted 'We get it. The madness is not for everyone...' (Twitter link:

Victorias Secret Black Friday tweet
Victoria's Secret Black Friday tweet

4) Nissan USA

NissanUSA posted an image to Twitter with the simple caption of 'This is how we do it' (Twitter link:

Nissan Black Friday tweet
NissanUSA Black Friday - "This Is How We Do It" tweet

5) SF Giants

The San Francisco Giants used Twitter to wish people a 'Happy Orange & Black Friday!' (Twitter link:

San Francisco Giants Black Friday tweet
San Francisco Giants - Happy Orange and Black Friday

and finally....

6) Guinness

Guinness GB perhaps tapped into Black Friday better than anyone - telling the world that 'Every Friday is Black Friday'... (Twitter link:

Guinness Black Friday tweet
Guinness GB - Every Day Is Black Friday

The above are an interesting collection of tweets that show that days like Black Friday needn't be purely about 'buy this now', days like Black Friday can be built into content calendars and used to further the brand story too.

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