Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Rudolph Adventson Chatbot creates a Facebook Messenger Christmas advent calendar!

New Facebook Messenger ChatBot Rudolph Adventson promises to create a personalised Christmas advent calendar for users of Facebook Messenger!

Rudolph Adventson hohoho bot
Hohoho - Rudolph Adventson Messenger bot
I am yet to be completely convinced about Facebook Messenger bots (still feels a bit like trying to put ad messages between SMS texts in the early days of mobile), but chatbots like Rudolph Adventson are starting to highlight the creative potential of the Messenger platform.

Chat with Rudolph Adventson
"Chat with Rudolph to create a Christmas Calendar"

According to Botlist, the Rudolph Adventson pitch is that:

"Starting on December 1st your loved ones can explore their christmas calendar on their smartphones, in which they can find and puzzle one of your 24 photos every day. A great way to count down the days until christmas eve and a great way to put 24 smiles on their face. So take your loved ones on a magical trip during this year’s christmas time and create a calendar for them!" 

Users of the Rudolph Adventson chatbot on Messenger upload 24 photos and these are given as 'gifts' one by one, day by day to a recipient who has installed the required app. As with many other Messenger bots, Rudolph Adventson will have the challenge of scaling to a meaningful level, but this looks a fun and interesting Messenger experience and I hope it does well!

The Rudolph Adventson Messenger experience can be accessed here: https://www.messenger.com/t/rudolfadventson

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2016 Coca-Cola Christmas Truck on Facebook Live (#HolidaysAreComing)

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Saturday, 19 November 2016

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck on Facebook Live! (#HolidaysAreComing)

It's the time of year where '#HolidaysAreComing' and Christmas ads start to appear on our TV screens.  In the UK we have had many of the Christmas ad campaigns start already, but there is one that lots of people wait for with anticipation - the Coca-Cola Christmas truck!

This year the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck 'Holidays Are Coming' TV ad will appear on UK screens tonight and this is being brought to life in a number of ways for 2016.

There is a #HolidaysAreComing Coca-Cola Christmas Truck emoji on Twitter if you use the #HolidaysAreComing hashtag.

This week I also saw a big (and fun) in-store replica of the Coca-Cola Christmas truck in my local Tesco store (I would have taken photos but it had kids playing inside and around it at the time...)  and in addition, the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck is undertaking the 'Christmas Truck Tour' which will see the Coca-Cola Christmas truck visit a range of cities across the UK as we approach Christmas.

Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour Facebook Live
Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour - about to broadcast Live on Facebook Live

The Coca-Cola Christmas Truck tour kicked off on Thursday night in London and the first Truck Tour stop was live streamed through Facebook Live to the Coca-Cola UK Facebook Page!  Viewers could see the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Live on the Coke Facebook Page in the UK and could watch the large Coca-Cola Christmas projection on the side of the truck, whilst those who attended in person were given a free Coke.

CocaCola Christmas Truck Tour Santa Projection
Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour projection

CocaCola Christmas Truck Tour projection on Facebook Live
Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour projection on Facebook Live

There was also the opportunity for people to send their Holiday messages through social media to appear on the side of the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck using the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing:

CocaCola Christmas Truck Tour social media messages
Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour social media messages

This was a fun way of bringing the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour to life for both those who could attend the Truck Tour stop and those who just wanted to watch through the Facebook Page.

If you would like to know where the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour will be stopping then all the details can be found on the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour section of the Coca-Cola UK website here:


..and if you can't wait for the full length Coca-Cola Christmas Truck TV ad tonight, then this short one should get you in the mood:

#HolidaysAreComing :-)

[disclaimer - Coca-Cola are a client of MediaCom in the UK.  I personally have not worked on this activity, I just enjoy the Coca-Cola Christmas ads]

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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Facebook Live ad campaign - examples

I've been fascinated by Facebook Live and have written a number of articles about it recently.  One of the most interesting Facebook Live developments has been the new Facebook Live ad campaign which has seen Facebook Live TV ads, Facebook Live poster ads and Facebook ads... on Facebook.

Facebook Live ad
Facebook Live ad from Facebook

Facebook Live ad campaign
Facebook Live ad from Facebook

Facebook Live bus shelter ad
Facebook Live bus shelter ad in London

Facebook Live ad campaign bus shelter
Facebook Live bus shelter ad in London
So will this Facebook Live ad campaign get more 'normal people' using Facebook Live?  It will be interesting to find out!!!

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Twitter, Wimbledon and Andy Roddick - live streaming at the tennis!

Twitter have just started their first live stream Sports broadcast direct from the Wimbledon tennis championships.

The Wimbledon Twitter live stream features the matches of Roger Federer v Marin Cilic and Milos Raonic v Sam Querrey as well as discussion, interviews and updates from other Wimbledon games.

'Brought to you by ESPN' the Wimbledon Twitter live stream content can be accessed from desktop or mobile and a link to the Wimbledon Twitter live stream tennis is posted as a pinned tweet to the @wimbledon Twitter account (or you can access the Wimbledon live stream directly here):

Wimbledon tennis Twitter live stream pinned tweet

The Twitter live stream of Wimbledon tennis can be viewed on desktop and the Wimbledon live stream can also be viewed on mobile through the Twitter mobile site or through the Twitter app:

Twitter Wimbledon live stream desktop view

Twitter Wimbledon live stream mobile view (with tweets underneath)
Twitter have offered live streaming for users through Periscope for a while, but this is the first real push that I have seen Twitter make into live streaming professional sport.  YouTube started with professional streaming and will shortly move into consumer / any user live streaming, whereas Twitter have gone in the reverse direction!

Interestingly, former US tennis pro-Andy Roddick is live streaming around Wimbledon too.  Using Twitter's Periscope live streaming app, Andy Roddick talks about 'all things Wimbledon', responds to user questions and then captures interesting snippets from his full Periscope broadcasts using SnappyTV and tweets these afterwards:

Periscope promoting forthcoming Andy Roddick live stream

Andy Roddick Periscope - capture and retweet using SnappyTV 

The one thing this all highlights (again) is how far social media has shifted - it started with text, then moved to photo, then moved to video and now we are seeing more and more 'Live' going through social channels and Andy Roddick's Periscoping and the Twitter Wimbledon live stream are further example of this...enjoy!

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Friday, 1 July 2016

Facebook Live presentation - How To & Hints / Tips

The social web is changing again.  We've seen the evolution from text to photo to video and now there is a new phase beginning - 'Live.'  This isn't about Oreo moments or Red Bull space jumps, this is about anyone broadcasting their life to the world in real time...

Anyone with a mobile internet connection or a smart phone can now use Facebook's Live function or Twitter's Periscope app or the soon to rollout YouTube live streaming to address the world.  People can create their own Truman Show / Ed TV with just the touch of a button on their mobile phone's Facebook / Periscope / YouTube app.

As brands, publishers, celebrities (and normal people) jump into this space I put together an overview presentation.  Based on Facebook Live, I'm already working on the next version that will look across Periscope and YouTube as well and I will continue to post different examples here.

I hope you find this helpful - my Facebook Live Slideshare presentation:

Monday, 27 June 2016

Facebook Live - BBC Match Of The Day half time live stream

Tonight's Euro 2016 football match between England and Iceland was broadcast live on ITV in the UK.

ITV have commercial breaks during Euro 2016 half time so studio discussion and match analysis is limited.  ITV and BBC share the live broadcasting rights through the tournament and show alternate matches.  Tonight it was ITV's turn to show the match, but while they were running ads on TV, the BBC were using Facebook Live with two of their analysts giving Facebook Live viewers their thoughts.
BBC promoting their half time Facebook Live with Shearer & Jenas

So the BBC were broadcasting on Facebook while ITV were broadcasting on TV!

Former players Jermaine Jenas and Alan Shearer had over 10,000 people watching them through Facebook Live hosted on the Match of The Day Facebook Page.  Viewers left comments, asked questions and used Facebook's reaction feature to express their feelings.

Alan Shearer on Match of The Day Facebook Live

Jermaine Jenas on Match of The Day Facebook Live
This is the first time I have seen Facebook Live used in this way - taking advantage of the habit of second screening to serve up live editorial content online that competes with a rival broadcaster's on screen programming!

Clever stuff and a sign of things to come??? 

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Miguel Layun and other Watford players use Twitter video to show the reaction to Premier League promotion

Watford FC were promoted from the Football League Championship to the FA Premier League this weekend.  Whilst it is just 8 years since Watford were last in the Premier League, technology has advanced significantly since then.

In season 2006-2007 there were no smart phones, Facebook had just 20 million users and Twitter had only just begun - today it is very different and players posting and tweeting gives a fascinating insight into what is going on behind the football headlines!

This weekend Watford had an early match and won (this was match 45 of a 46 game season.)  Whilst it was highly unlikely, if other results went Watford's way it would guarantee promotion to the Premier League.  So when Middlesbrough lost at Fulham and Norwich drew at Rotherham there were some crazy scenes of celebration - played out predominantly on Twitter:

1) Watford's Mexican superstar Miguel Layun tweeted video directly from the team bus.  Layun personally has more Twitter followers than most Premier League clubs and the reaction to this Twitter video (syndicated onto news and highlights programmes, re-uploaded by other social accounts etc) has perhaps been the defining imagery of yesterday's Watford promotion:

2) Striker Odion Ighalo posted a video clip of people singing his song and tweeted directly from the celebration party - again using Twitter video:

3) Watford's Tommie Hoban - defender and star of the chant 'Tommie Hoban's having a party, bring Ben Watson and Munari' - took to Twitter to encourage further celebration (with video subsequently posted to Vimeo too):

A large number of other players tweeted celebratory messages of congratulations too - and if you find his wallet then please let @IkechiAnya know:

Yesterday was a great day for Watford's players and fans whilst Twitter allowing us to share in behind the scenes moments made it even more special!

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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

#millifandom - youth and social media engage in the UK election!

So just a few weeks until the UK votes and British youth have just jumped into the centre of the election campaign!

Constant tweeting of pro-Labour party messaging and positive content about the Labour Party leader, Ed Milliband, by Abby / @twcuddleston has seen the #millifandom hashtag that she created take off across the web. #millifandom has made a big impact over the last couple of days with both Twitter users and mainstream media taking note.  Against the backdrop of central offices and well oiled party machines, this teenage Twitter user with a mission ('a movement against the distorted media portrayl of Ed') has changed the UK electoral narrative!

Young people have now been engaged in the election at scale and are now creating and curating pro-Ed Milliband content like this:

whilst others have been busy making things like this:

and photo mashup's like this:

Clever, interesting and engaging and I'm sure there's more to come.

I'm not advocating for or against, but I am interested to see if this has woken up UK youth and engaged them in this election in a way that official efforts of parties and media have failed to do so to date - will be interesting to see if #millifandom changes the polls and positively impacts leader rankings... 

Thursday, 19 February 2015

80s movies vs Simple Minds YouTube mash up is awesome!

Robert Jones has mashed together clips from 80's movies and set them to Simple Minds 'Don't You Forget About Me' and it's awesome.


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Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Band Aid Recut / Band Aid 53 - Do They Know It's Christmas? Recut to feature all 4 of the Band Aid songs!

'Band Aid Recut' features all four of the Band Aid singles mashed together.  Band Aid 53 as it is also known features the original Band Aid single + Band Aid II, Band Aid 20 and the latest Band Aid 30! (along with a cheeky PS to Bono at the end...)

Well put together and made to raise awareness rather than any profit, Band Aid 53 is another nice example of YouTube creativity...

[The video description also features the message 'to donate £10 text AID to 70707.']

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