Tuesday, 20 September 2005

DJuice use David Hasselhoff to promote their 'freedom' tariffs

In 2005 Swedish mobile phone manufacturer DJuice ran a campaign that featured David Hasselhoff. Rather than get the Hoff reading out some cheesy lines they decided to licence clips of him performing 'Looking For Freedom' and then subtitle them accordingly.

Ad 1 is based on the original video, ads 2 and 3 are based on live performances. The Hoff sings and DJuice run subtitles that say things like 'if you are also looking for freedom, then you can get it with DJuice and these great tariffs.........'

Genius idea and really struck a chord with the target audience. Also interesting to see DJuice giving consumers the chance to engage more deeply in the campaign - offering wallpapers, screensavers and downloads of the ads from their website (the video files were available to general public for download and public distribution) - simple, ahead of their time and very effective.......... Enjoy!

DJuice Hasselhoff first ad

DJuice Hasselhoff second ad

DJuice Hasselhoff third ad

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