Friday, 8 September 2006

londonpaper apologises to P Diddy after confusing him with Pete Docherty

The londonpaper have apologised to P Diddy after mixing him up with Pete Docherty and accusing him of possessing "crack cocaine, heroin and cannabis." The Watercooler Moment feature discusses Pete Docherty's recent court case, but mistakenly includes a photo and reference to P Diddy alongside it.

Londonpaper accuse P DiddyP Diddy original londonpaper Watercooler moment - wrongly including his name and photo (click for larger image)

An apology has now been printed - "P Diddy is entirely unconnected with the allegations in the article which were intended to relate to an entirely different person and his name and picture were used entirely in error":

londonpaper apologise to P DiddyP Diddy londonpaper apology the following day (click for larger image)

The apology was printed the following day. More about this in MediaGuardian

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