Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Media Week 'Insider's Guide' – Zed Media Print Buying team

Our team were recently featured in Media Week's Insider's Guide feature. Text is below:

Zed Media is the media agency ‘Where All Lines Meet’. We handle campaigns that are online and offline, above the line and below the line, brand and response. The Print buying team do the implementational planning and buying across a range of media channels.

Number of people in your team?

There are 11 of us in Zed’s print buying team.

Who does what?

We all plan and buy media and work with press display activity, inserts and tip-on’s, sampling, 3rd party insert programmes and door to door leafleting. Verity, Nicky, Sara, Maria, Richard and Andrew are the buyers. Claire, Rachel, Marcellus and Anthony are the managers and Nick oversees them.

Who is the biggest character and why?

This has to be the legendary Anthony Gibson-Watt! Quite unlike anyone else in the team (or anyone else in the industry?!) ‘Big Tone’, as he is affectionately known, qualified in Mechanical Engineering but opted for a career in media. He lists his interests as ‘Fine wine, shooting and banging techno’ and used to do a bad impression of Ali G - though now more likely to be seen in his firewarden coat and using a megaphone to draw attention to inappropriate web usage!

What is your office atmosphere like?

Hard working and professional but good fun. Shared interests and social life mean everyone gets on well. There is a nice buzz in our part of the office – music, phones ringing, people stopping by and most of all, the sound of deals being done.

What stands you apart from the rest of the industry?

Zed’s unique ‘Where All Lines Meet’ proposition means that we work across a number of different media channels and, uniquely, we have online and offline sitting together. Our team are able to handle brand or response campaigns and have the ability to seamlessly integrate offline campaigns with online activity where appropriate. This enables us to truly be able to spend money in whichever channel is most effective - having ‘all the lines’ in one place enables us to do this.

What does it take to get a job in your team?

The team is made up of a range of personalities and whilst have quite varied backgrounds, the common denominator seems to be ‘non-related skills and abilities.’ Ski instructing, sky diving, chess, shooting, public speaking, white water rafting, DJing, rugby, horse riding, netball, cricket and editing a football website are all pursued by various members of the team. One team member supports Luton Town (which we actively discourage) and between us we can communicate in 8 different languages!

How are staff encouraged to hit targets?

Everyone has personal objectives and a planned career path but we do not work to individual targets. Where we do have specific goals they are team goals and our team ethic means that we all work together to achieve them. There is also a company scheme called the ‘WiZed’s’ where exceptional performance is recognised with prizes awarded in front of the whole company.

Where do you all let your hair down?

One of the team quite literally lets her hair down with her regular skydiving! Everyone else is more normal - the restaurants round the corner in Charlotte Street are popular for lunching and celebrity spotting, and in the evenings we tend to frequent the numerous bars and pubs in our local area. On special nights we might head to Lucky Voice where Marcellus is the self-proclaimed King Of Karaoke!



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