Monday, 9 July 2007

David de Rothschild / Adventure Ecology - Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook and Second Life flood

David de Rothschild, adventurer and climate change activist, personally sent out a copy of his latest book to all of the Google Zeitgeist attendees and I have been lucky enough to receive one.

Global Warming Survival GuideThe Live Earth Global Warming Survival Handbook by David de Rothschild

At Zeitgeist David de Rothschild spoke about his mission to help save the planet and showed some of the things he is doing through the Adventure Ecology organisation:

One of the cleverest awareness builders was a virtual flood that Adventure Ecology created in Second Life - the virtual world was flooded and residents had to deal with the consequences.

Second Life floodSecond Life flood

Second Life flood 2
YouTube has footage of the Second Life flood and David de Rothschild showed this video as part of his presentation:

The Global Warming Survival Handbook is David de Rothschild's latest initiative. It continues to spread the message and is billed as the official companion to the Live Earth concerts. David de Rothschild has written up 77 Essential Skills to stop climate change - or live through it. Amongst the tips are things like 'Audit Your Garbage', 'Adopt a Glacier' and 'Stock the Cellar' - though as the book states:

'the best way to survive climate change is to prevent it. Help avoid a global warming disaster by mastering basic skills such as screwing in the right lightbulb, feeding your trash to ravenous worms, and never pay your electricity bill again...'

The book also offers 'ten ingenious ways to survive on an overheated planet' including 'correctly use a sweater', 'hop aboard a floating house' and 'rescue an abandoned glacier.'

A good purchase! Buy it on Amazon here

Link to Adventure Ecology here

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