Thursday, 12 July 2007

Is Green a fad? by John Grant

John Grant has recently published some really interesting thoughts on whether 'Green is a fad'.


Green is very ‘in’. You can hardly pick up a fashion magazine, visit a supermarket, watch a car or travel programme, open the business pages without finding it in there. Many corporations are described as 'jumping on the bandwagon'; GE, HSBC, M&S, Toyota, AOL, NewsCorp. And smaller greener businesses such as Howies, Able & Cole, People Tree, Treehugger and Yeo Valley are booming. People are talking about a tipping point in public awareness. Yet there is also a darker side to this new found fashionability; what if it is just a fad? What if green is ‘in’ this year and out the next? It happened before in the early 1990s. Can such hype be sustained?

The article can be found on his blog at andis an interesting read.

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