Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Ludwig Gatzke's amazing mash up of Web 2.0 logos

Thanks to Ludwig Gatzke for photoshopping this wonderful collection of logos. A great image to use in presentations and a great source of website references to use in conversation! This Part II image includes a bunch of new Web 2.0-ish companies that were missed in the first iteration, including (in alphabetical order):

30daytags, 3bubbles, 43 People, 43deals, 43Places, 8by1, 9rules Network, AidPage, AjaxWhois.com, Amazon's Mechanical Turk, askeet!, Asoboo, Attensa, AttentionTrust.org, Avvenu, BitBomb, Bitty, BlinkList, Blinksale, blo.gs, BlogBridge, Blogdigger, BlogMarks, blogSpirit, Blogtronix, Browster, Bryght, BubbleShare, BuddyMarks, Bunchball.com, ButterFly, Buzznet, CalendarHub, Campaign Monitor, Campfire, Central Desktop, Chuquet, Citadel, claimID, ClickCaster, CLOSO.com, Cloudalicious, Clusty, co.mments, coComment, Consumatin, Current, CustomScoop, Dabble.com, Diggdot.us, Dodgeball, Doostang, Douban, Dropcash, DropSend, EchoSign, Edgeio, egorrss, elgg, eMessenger, eSnips, Etsy, Eurekster Swicki, Eventful, EventSniper, EvolvePoint, Favorville, Feed Pile, Feed2Podcast, FeedBlitz, FeedButler, FeedFeeds, FeedLounge, Feedpath, FeedPing.com, FeedXs, Flock, Fluxiom, Fold, Fotki, FotoFlix, Friendster, Fuzz, GiveMeaning, Glendor Showcase, Gliffy, GooTodo, Goovite, Gravatar, Grokker, hanzo:web, HipCal, Hubpages, IceRocket, Immedi.at, Inbox.com, Indeed, iNetWord, iOWEYOU, ispott, Jamendo, Jobazaar, Joyent, Judy’s Book, Jyve, Kaboodle, Kajeet, Kosmix.com, Kratia, Krugle, Kulando, LibraryThing, LifeLogger, LifeType, LinkedIn, Listal, LiveJournal, Loomia, Lovento, Mabber, Magnoto, MailBigFile, Meetro, Megite, mightyv, Mint, Mofile, Mologogo, Mooflex, Muiso, Multiply, My Tickler File, MyBlogLog, MyEmail.com, MyMe, MyProgs, MyStickies, Near-Time, Newroo, NewsIsFree, NewsMob, Nooked, NowPublic, Odeo, Ondergrond, openBC, OpenID, Orkut, Pageflakes, PAGUNA, Pbwiki, Peerflix, Performancing, Photobucket, Photocase , PicPix, Placeopedia, Plum, Plurn, Podbop, Podserve, Podtrac, PreFound, Prosper, PureVolume, putfwd.com, Qumana, Rabble, RateItAll, RawSugar, Readio, ReminderFeed, Revver, Rojo, Rrove, RSS MAD, Seekum, SendSpace, Sharpcast, Shutterbook, SimpleTicket, Six Apart, Skype, Slawesome, Slide, Socialtext, Sonr, Sphere, Sproutit, Spy Media, Squeet, STICKAM, Stickis, StikiPad, Surf Tail, SWABBA , Swagroll, Sxip, Tagalag, TagCloud, Tagzania, Talk Digger, Talkr, Tangler, Textamerica, The Form Assembly, ThePort Network, ThinkFree Office Online, TimeTracker, TitleZ, TracksLife, TRACTIS , TravBuddy, Trulia, Turn, Userplane, V4S, Video Bomb, VideoEgg, Vongo, Wallop, Weblogs, Inc., Weblogs Work, WideWord, Wikalong, WikiMatrix, Wikispaces, Windows Live, Wists, WordPress, Xanga, Xmail Hard Drive, YackPack, Yahoo! 360°, Yellowikis, YouSendIt, Zaadz, Zingee, Zipingo, Zoho, Zoho Chat, ZoomTags, Zooomr, and Zopa.

Whilst this is a comprehensive list I think there are other sites that could have been added. Some of them are detailed in my 'things I like' list.

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