Saturday, 26 May 2007

New way of searching - Search Crystal - aggregating results from all major Search engines in one place!

searchCrystal lets you search and compare multiple engines in one place. It is a search visualization tool that enables you to compare, remix and share results from the best web, image, video, blog, tagging, news engines, Flickr images or RSS feeds.

You can embed searchCrystal as a Widget on your site or blog to share personalized crystals, or use it to find out what is popular on Wikipedia or use the Search Analytics Toolbox in your browser as a powerful competitive intelligence tool. A searchCrystal application is also available in Facebook.

There is a lot of talk about Universal Search and this site gives a great idea of how Google could start to operate in coming months / years.......

Example of a video search on the 'future of media'

Example of a web search for the 'future of media'

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