Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Crackle.com - Sony video-sharing site becomes talent pool?

Interesting new development in online video sharing. Might be nothing, might be the next big thing............

"Grouper.com, the video-sharing site, which Sony bought last year for US$65 million (£32 million), has been relaunched as Crackle.com. The site's focus has also been changed so that it is now a place where users compete for distribution and development deals.

Crackle.com hopes to show higher-quality content than the standard YouTube fare. It invites users to submit content, which will be judged by the audience and a team of editors. Winners of the site's quarterly competitions can secure meetings with film and TV executives in Los Angeles, as well as cash prizes."

Adam Daum, an analyst at Gartner, said:

"Consumer generated content is a potential threat to traditional media companies. They have to turn threats into opportunities, one of those is talent spotting....This is a really sensible initiative that could result in a lot of creativity coming into the mainstream....I would expect all the major media companies to have some sort of play like this in the next 18 months."

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