Monday, 13 August 2007

Hallam Foe - 'the new Trainspotting' creates buzz online through innovative use of social media

Hallam Foe is a soon to be released British film about a teenagers coming of age. Billed as 'the new Trainspotting' the internet is being used innovatively to bring Hallam Foe to life.

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Whilst other films have used the internet cleverly (see some of the posts elsewhere on this blog) Hallam Foe seems to be taking it further than anyone has before.

Hallam Foe director, David Mackenzie, also posted the screenplay online, but went further by encouraging his lead, Jamie Bell, to immerse himself in the role by writing blogs in character on the films' MySpace page during shooting. From the moment Hallam made his first post the film has generated significant comment and discussion online with others leaving comments in response to Hallam's thoughts. Interesting idea to have a fictional character engaging in real world discussion and something that seems to have really struck a chord with the target audience!

There has been so much blog discussion around Hallam Foe that 2 months ago a 'bloggers preview' was held - a nice way of saying thank you for the support, but also a way of generating more Hallam Foe interest and discussion.

The makers of Hallam Foe have used the internet very cleverly to engage with their target audience and created quite a buzz online - it will be interesting to see how it performs at the box office.

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