Monday, 6 August 2007

Innocent Village Fete in Regents Park - creating a brand experience and extending it online

Innocent Drinks headline sponsored / organised an outdoor event called 'the Village Fete' in Regents Park, London this weekend. Innocent had prominent branding at the Village Fete and the only non-alcoholic drinks available across the site were from Innocent. Through a combination of little touches and clever ideas the Innocent Village Fete was designed to enhance Innocent's brand values - but most of all the event was fun!

Photos from the Innocent Village Fete, Regents Park 2007:

Innocent Village Fete


Innocent Village Fete, Regents Park 2007

The Innocent Village Fete ticket:

I thought having Innocent representatives wandering the Village Fete in T-shirt's saying 'I'm from Innocent, fancy a chat' was a nice touch:

The Innocent Village Fete was not just a physical event, it was also well developed online. The main website was at, with further online presence leveraged through social media at the Innocent Village Fete blog and the Innocent Village Fete Flickr Group which can be accessed through or .

The Innocent Village Fete website:

The Innocent Village Fete Flickr Group on the Innocent website:

The Innocent Village Fete Flickr Group on Flickr:

The electic mix of events (duck herding through to acoustic performers) were fun and mischievious and the online activity around the weekend was also engaging. The behind the scenes blog was interesting and creating a Flickr site for attendees to upload photos is a clever way of interacting with customers.

We really enjoyed the event, look forward to next year and hope the man in the film below returns too ;-)!

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