Monday, 17 September 2007

Gorilla remix! Cadbury's Dairy Milk Gorilla ads get mashed up to new music by YouTube users

TV ads can take on a new life online. The MashUp / Remix is becoming more widespread and the appreciation of a TV ad can (to some extent) be judged by how well it is received by online communities. YouTube have even released a tool to help people to remix videos!

The Cadbury drumming Gorilla ad has been widely discussed in advertising circles and has been described as the web's "most iconic creative moment thanks to a man in a gorilla suit and a Phil Collins pop hit from the 80s." The Cadbury Gorilla has been very popular on YouTube and a range of unofficial Gorilla remixes are now appearing alongside the original Gorilla ad.

The original Gorilla ad is below, as are the Total Eclipse Of The Heart mix, the 50 cent remix and the (banging) Warp Bros remix - showing how the effectiveness of an ad can be boosted if online communities appreciate it and are encouraged to engage!

The original Cadbury Gorilla ad

The Total Eclipse Of The Heart Cadbury Gorilla remix

The 50 Cent Cadbury Gorilla remix

The Warp Bros. Cadbury Gorilla remix

UPDATE (6/9/08): To celebrate the anniversary of the first screening of the Dairy Milk Gorilla, Cadbury's are re-screening both the Gorilla and the later Dairy Milk Trucks ad - though in a nod to the efforts of YouTube users they are using different tracks - Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart' for the drumming Gorilla and Bon Jovi 'Livin On A Prayer' for the trucks. Rick Lamb writes more about the re-running of the Cadbury Dairy Milk ads here.

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