Tuesday, 23 October 2007

The biggest / largest groups on Facebook! Barack Obama, Pluto, Threesomes with Brody Ruckus, Primark, O2 and more

Facebook groups allow users to congregate around issues of mutual interest. Facebook groups have made headlines because they have been able to persuade companies to change policy or direction (Cadbury, HSBC, etc). Whilst these may appear to have been the most successful groups in terms of influence / effect, there is little way of knowing what the largest Facebook Groups are in terms of number of members.

Facebook do not publish a league table of the largest Facebook Groups or any kind of chart. It is also not possible to rank groups in terms of number of members. The only way of creating a list of the most popular groups is therefore sifting through Facebook related news stories or random Facebook surfing. No list can therefore claim to be authoritive, but here is my attempt to chart the largest Facebook Groups:

1) 'The largest Facebook Group' - currently 1,205,276 members. One of the earliest Facebook groups. There was no particular premise behind it, just a kind of anarchic experiment. It crashed the network, the size of the wall caused chaos and now it is little more than a massive collection of individuals. Now regularly imitated, this group is still far away the biggest one I can find and genuinely seems the largest Facebook Group!

2) “When I Was Your Age, Pluto Was a Planet.”- 1,130,165 members - this group was formed after the planet Pluto had its planetary status revoked. The group founder Steven Klimczak, a Texas high school senior, became an accidental celebrity and this group has been widely featured in the news - this group is already one of the largest Facebook Groups, but current trends imply that this will soon be the largest Facebook group.

3) “Students against Facebook Newsfeed”

At it’s height this group was one of the largest groups on Facebook and I have seen reports that it had over 738,000 members, however whilst numbers have fallen away since then, it still has 241,441 members. This was an early group protesting about Facebook privacy and the rapid rise in membership created a lot of publicity. It is clear now that Facebook will not be changing policy and this has led to the declining membership.

4) "Barack Obama (One Million Strong for Barack)"

396,000 members - this group formed with the intention of getting 1 million members in support of the Barack Obama US presidential campaign - becoming one of the largest groups on Facebook would have created significant PR. Membership rose dramatically in early days but seems to have peaked at current levels. Still, an effective part of Obamas presidential campaign and part of a wide ranging online strategy.

5) "If this group reaches 100,000 my girlfriend will have a threesome." Set up by a character called Brody Ruckus, on the 4th day of the group's existence, the group had attained more than 100,000 members. After achieving what he had thought was the ultimate prize, girlfriend ‘Holly’ agreed to allow pictures of the threesome to be taken if 300,000 members were gained. Also, “if hell froze over" or this became the "largest group on Facebook", she would then agree to video footage of the event being posted.

This group became even more notorious when it was revealed as a scam. Brody Ruckus turned out to be a record label in Georgia and this was a fake group that aimed to get it publicity. Whilst it is in questionable taste, it is a great example of the speed with which Facebook can move people.

The group has since been deleted but the Brody Ruckus name lives on in other groups elsewhere on Facebook.

6) "Enough of the poking, let's have sex" – 299,085 members - a massive network and a seemingly strange basis for a group. Again no particular purpose but lots of people and one of the largest groups on Facebook!

7) PRIMARK APPRECIATION SOCIETY – 94,294 members - unofficial Primark (UK clothes shop) group. Various discussions and debates about shops, new lines etc. Of all the retail groups I have seen this seems the largest retail group on Facebook!

8) “The battle for the UK's favourite university”- currently 84,330 members – mobile operator O2 have recently launched a group that aims at universities and the university with the most group members at the cut-off date will win a massive O2 sponsored party on their campus. Prizes are offered for joining in with discussions and data capture mechanics included within the design. This group has grown extremely quickly and is currently most popular at the University of Keele. (Disclaimer - O2 are a client)

These are my thoughts on the largest Facebook Groups. I am sure that I have missed some things off – interested to hear who / what is missing!

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Anonymous said...

I have recently seen a group with 2,471,638 members called the "Six Degrees of Seperation Experiment".

If your list is accurate, this is by far the largest group on Facebook at this time

Anonymous said...

yep and now that group is nearly at 5 million

Anonymous said...

yea .,.,., the group "Six Dgrees of Separation - The Face book Exsperiment"

It's the largest of all .,.,., had 3,353,888 members currently and still growingg...

check it out >>==>> http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=14436512661

Anonymous said...

yea .,.,., the group "Six Dgrees of Separation - The Face book Exsperiment"

It's the largest of all .,.,., had 3,353,888 members currently and still growingg...

the link to the group is attached.,.,.,

Anonymous said...

right now i believe the largest facebook group is the "Let's break a Guinness Record! 2010! The Largest Group on Facebook!"

it currently has 5,464,351 members...and its still growing...

Dan DeColumna said...

Rather than just hear say or "I saw", here's a link to a group much larger than any listed above:


The group is called, "We Will Not Pay To Use Facebook. We Are Gone If This Happens", and at the time of this posting it has 3,827,906 members.

asia0714 said...

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Anonymous said...

I reckon this will be on the list soon :)