Thursday, 4 October 2007

David Cameron, Facebook groups and his Conservative party conference speech

David Cameron closed the Conservative party conference yesterday with an hour long speech. This speech covered many topics but also, surprisingly, included reference to Facebook.

David Cameron's video channel Webcameron may not have worked out in the way that he had anticipated, but it appears this has not discouraged him from further experimentation with Web 2.0. Extensive surfing of the David Cameron groups on Facebook revealed 2 Facebook groups that he then cited in his conference speech - 'David Cameron is a hottie' and 'Am I the only person who doesn't like David Cameron?' (There are obviously others and they are listed here:

Cameron said: "We live in an extraordinary world of change and freedom. The internet is transforming people's lives. The website MySpace has got 130 million members. If it was a country, it would be the tenth biggest country in the world. Facebook, the social networking site, 30 million members. People using it to talk with each other and meet people. I had a look the other day. There is a network on Facebook called 'David Cameron is a hottie'. It's got 74 members. And I looked a little further and there is another network called 'Am I the only person who doesn't like David Cameron?' and it's got 379 members - I am sure there is nobody here today."

Since the speech 'David Cameron is a hottie' has increased from 74 to 377 members and 'Am I the only person who doesn't like David Cameron?' has increased to 1274 members. My favourite wall post is on the latter group: 'Don't like him but need to find out where Samantha Cameron's black and white dress was from asap. Anybody got any ideas?? xx'

Including a couple of sentences about Facebook has generated a large amount of PR online and has helped to enhance David Cameron's credentials as a modern politician. Whether it will do him any good in the polls remains to be seen, but general perception seems to be that the inclusion of Facebook was a clever move.

'David Cameron is a hottie' group -
'Am I the only person.......?' group -

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