Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Follow me on Twitter, but beware the Twitter fakes!

After using Twitter for a while, I now have my first follower! It feels strange to think that someone else gets (and wants to get) text updates letting them know what I am doing, but it's quite flattering at the same time.

Founded by Ev Williams, one of the original team behind Blogger, Twitter seems to be catching on quickly. Only 17 months old and already over 350,000 members worldwide. The simplicity of it (140 characters to tell people what you are doing) seems to be the appeal and the mantra of 'every moment has it's caption' seems to have hit a chord. Otherwise known as micro-blogging it enables updates through web, mobile web or SMS message. It will then send you alerts through web or SMS when the people you are following update. Try it now!

One of the most interesting aspects of Twitter is the ease with which people can assume someone else's identity - so called Twitter fakes. Some are very well written, others less so. It's easy to find them and worth a look.

Libellous, amusing or bad taste? see what you think:

Bill Clinton on Twitter (allegedly):


Robert Mugabe on Twitter (allegedly):


David Hasselhoff on Twitter (allegedly):


Darth Vader on Twitter:


To find your own examples just type http://twitter.com/randomname. Feel free to note examples here!

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