Friday, 12 October 2007

Letter to Revolution Magazine in response to their recent Search Engine Marketing feature

Revolution Magazine recently ran a feature on Search Engine Marketing (Oct issue.) The feature covered SEO and PPC, but made no reference to how these activities integrate with other media channels. Knowing about activity in other channels is extremely important as it has a big effect on what strategy needs to be employed to run a Search campaign successfully. I have written a letter to point this out:

Nick Burcher writes: "I was surprised that last month’s Search feature (Revolution, Oct issue) made little mention of integrating Search campaigns with other channels. Even though some categories are getting more competitive, Search expenditure will continue to increase. Growth will not only be fuelled by new developments and platforms, but will also come from increased use of Search for branding and increased awareness of the benefits of running Search alongside ‘traditional’ media.

As the feature suggests combining a SEO and PPC strategy will positively impact on traffic, however the real gold is to be found when PPC is used as part of a wider media campaign. Truly integrated media agencies, that combine Search planning with an in-depth knowledge of ‘traditional’ media, are in a position to gain better ROI than those who have a single channel / digital only focus.

Search is at its most effective when integrated with other media channels. In the future, the most effective campaigns will be delivered by those who understand not just how PPC and SEO fit together, but by those who understand how PPC and SEO sit within the entire media spectrum."

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