Saturday, 6 October 2007

New Sony Bravia 'Colour Like No Other' rabbits ad airs in UK

The latest Sony Bravia ad campaign has started in the UK. Following on from the balls in San Francisco and paint on a Scottish estate, the first rabbits TV ad in the UK was shown on Channel 4 on Friday night.

The ad already has signs of being another blockbuster and people have wasted no time in loading it up to YouTube:

An indication of how influential these campaigns have become is the effort that is put in to promoting it. There were ads on TV listings pages in UK newspapers announcing the first showing and this new campaign has also been promoted with model rabbits by Tower Bridge!

According to Sony's website the song used is 'She's A Rainbow' by the Rolling Stones and this 'is the most ambitious piece of stop-motion animation ever undertaken. Devised by Fallon and shot over three weeks in New York, the commercial employed 40 animators from Passion and used 2.5 tonnes of plasticine.'

It can be watched with HD streaming from Sony's Bravia website:

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David Wilding said...

boring ad though isn't it? not a patch on balls