Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Oasis promote new DVD "Lord Don't Slow Me Down" in Second Life

It's been a while since I have been into Second Life, but I decided to go in to have a look at the promotional area that has been designed to support the launch of the new Oasis DVD Don't Slow Me Down.

It looked very nice and was slickly produced, I got myself a free T-shirt (but couldn't work out how to put it on) and watched a trailer for the new DVD (film plays on demand on a big screen or a central column). There were various things to click, a link to Amazon and lots of Oasis logos.

Even though it is promoted with billboards throughout Second Life, and has had a lot of PR, it was deserted for most of the time I was there. At one point a character describing himself as a 'Transylvanian Vampire' turned up, but quickly left again leaving me alone once more.

It is not that long ago that Second Life was billed as the future of the internet, however it felt a bit deserted to me last night.

Oasis have clearly invested a lot of time and a fair bit of production cash into this Second Life presence and whilst I can see the attraction of being able to engage more deeply with the audience, I can't help thinking that this money could have been more effectively spent with Myspace or even, dare I say it, on a poster in Camden High Street........

You can buy the 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down' DVD here:

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David Wilding said...

Nick, who has been tapping into your blog then? It can't be you writing "or even write buy a poster near Camden market" can it? But I think you're right. Second Life just isn't really happening is it?