Friday, 19 October 2007

Video of David Cameron touring the Google offices from Webcameron and full video of his speech at Zeitgeist

David Cameron has been speaking at Google Zeitgeist in California and touring the Google offices. Putting the politics to one side, it is interesting to see a UK politician embracing essentially a US media owner in this way and it's a clear demonstration of how influential Google now is in society.

WebCameron is used cleverly to show edited highlights, whilst the full speech (and subsequent questions) are shown on YouTube.

Webcameron (brief highlight of the speech and inside the Googleplex):

YouTube (full length Zeitgeist speech + questions):

The software and programme that David Cameron shows whilst in the Google offices is created by Swedish professor Dr. Hans Rosling. Dr. Rosling is a quite brilliant presenter and his full presentation on world development (using the software from the clip) can be seen here:

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