Thursday, 22 November 2007

Batman Dark Knight with Heath Ledger - viral seeding and online activity starts over 18 months before the film is due for cinema release!

The Dark Knight, the new Batman film, has had some amazing digital hype activity running to promote the release - Dark Knight viral activity has been everywhere!

Kicking off over 18 months before release, there have been a series of Dark Knight viral initiatives that have gained widespread coverage and seen significant consumer interaction. Most of the Dark Knight viral activity has been tease and reveal and has offered reward for user interaction - accreditation, Dark Knight photos and set shots, Dark Knight sneak previews etc. In a lot of cases activity hasn't been promoted and this has led to internet users searching around, trying to find the latest Dark Knight viral and searching out tips on how things work. Little of theDark Knight plot has been given away, but a very high level of engagement has been created.

A particularly clever example was a Dark Knight 'treasure hunt' (at where users had to solve clues, find certain locations, photograph them and then upload the images. Each image represented a letter and once the full sentence was visible, a previously unseen still from the Dark Knight was revealed. Anyone who uploaded an image also got a name check on the site.

Dark Knight viral site screengrabs

More recent Dark Knight viral activity has involved a Halloween site where users were encouraged to make a Joker mask ( and upload photos that showed them wearing it:

Dark Knight - Rory's Death Kiss viral site

A Dark Knight viral fake clown site has been created at and all the clown photos are of people with make up like the Joker:

Dark Knight - fake clown viral site shows a political poster for one of the films characters, Harvey Dent:

Dark Knight viral - I Believe in Harvey Dent

A version of this website is rumoured to be running at , however when you get there all you see is a message saying 'Page Not Found.'

There is a secret message on this page though. If you go to the 'Edit' menu at the top of the browser page and then 'Select All' a secret message from the Joker is revealed!

Dark Knight viral - I Believe In Harvey Dent Too

The trailers have obviously been 'leaked' onto You Tube too:

Dark Knight viral activity has been all over the internet. Starting hype activity over 18 months before release is unprecedented and it seems to have created significant audience engagement. Somehow I feel there is more to come - let's hope the film warrants the hype!!

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