Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Bebo OpenMedia / Open Media presentation at BAFTA in London - final live blog update!

Panel debate with BBC, Premium TV, AJAX, Endemol and Turner.

Open Media partner content is found through the discovery area on Bebo which means users will not feel invaded. 'Open Media' is open to everyone, not just big producers - long tail content is just as welcome.

Feeling that development in social networks content has only just started - chances for walk-on parts, characters crossing from online film to traditional programs and vice versa, qualifying competitions for X Factor / Big Brother etc

Joanna Shields sees Facebook and Bebo playing different roles. She sees Facebook is a communications utility, Bebo as a platform for self expression and content discovery.

"Aren't Bebo giving too much away?" No, making it a more interesting place for users will work in the long run - more users staying longer will lead to higher CPMs across the site + improved stickiness = more opportunities for advertisers.

For BBC it's about choice and relevance and this platform helps them to connect with youth audiences.

ITV conspicuous by their absence but 25 different partners have been signed up in a very short space of time.

Feeling that content that is unique will work better than 'repackaged old tat.' Content creators need to think about this environment and there are signs that they are starting to do this now. Feeling that Bebo gives a great platform for unique, youth targeted video content.

Presentations are now over and Jamie Cullum has started!

He 'loves Bebo' and is very appreciative though disappointed that he wasn't allowed to 'play with a Bafta.'

Nick Burcher writes: "Bebo's Open Media announcement was made through a well produced event and is a really interesting development. Content producers have a great opportunity to distribute and monetise their content in a new way - especially as they can use their own players inside Bebo. Signs are they will embrace this opportunity and the success of productions like KateModern demonstrate what can happen if they get it right."

Thank you Bebo for inviting me!

I blogged about this event in 3 parts:

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