Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Bebo presentation update number 2 - Joanna Shields announces Bebo's new Open Media platform!

Big film now with vox pops and a voiceover talking stats! Highlighting the 25m views in 3 months for Kate Modern and the folllow ups - Sofia's Diary and Gap Year.

Joanna Shields, President international, Bebo now speaking and announcing 'Open Media' + showing the new look as Bebo has been completely redesigned / relaunched today.

Users are spending 35-40 minutes per day, 40 million users WW and biggest site in UK. Audience use Bebo to engage with content.

BBC, Sky, MTV, Endemol, Yahoo, Last FM, Turner, Sony and lots of other people are partnering Bebo.

Partners will get free and open access to Bebo platform to distribute content as they see fit through free branded channels. Media companies can do what they want with these channels, can pre-roll clips and keep ad revenue. User interactions and favourites spread
virally through users network.

Benefits users, content providers and Bebo. The audience were invited to liberate content and find new ways to engage users online.

PA now from Remi Nicole!

I blogged about this event in 3 parts:

Part 1 is here - http://www.nickburcher.com/2007/11/bebo-presentation-at-bafta-in-london.html

Part 3 is here - http://www.nickburcher.com/2007/11/bebo-open-media-presentation-at-bafta.html

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