Thursday, 15 November 2007

Can Social Networks be monetised? Opportunities and issues for Facebook, OpenSocial, Bebo etc

Yesterday Marketing Week published my comments in a feature about Social Networking. My quotes were:

Nick Burcher says: behavioural targeting is either the most highly targeted or most invasive advertising proposition there is, depending on who you talk to. “The debate around advertising in social networks is similar to that of mobile. It’s extremely personal, so there is a question as to whether brands should just muscle in on the space,” says Burcher.

Zed’s Burcher agrees Google’s OpenSocial could prove to be the winner. “It’s very clever,” he says. “Its corporate mission is to organise the world’s information, which it can’t do behind walls. If Google has the data and incorporates this with AdWords platform, it could democratise the networks. It could also give users huge benefits, as they wouldn’t have to input their data into each network every time they registered, while advertisers could run content across the platforms.”

Intrusive: Social networks allow for behavioural targeting, but sites should only use information that is freely given by the user, according to Nick Burcher

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