Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Creative Review Click 07 Conference - examples of how creative and media working together can produce great work

I spoke at the Creative Review Click 07 conference today. I was asked to talk about how collaboration between media and creatives can produce great advertising.

I based my speech around how digital media has changed the traditional way of doing things. In the past creatives would devise the brand proposition and then develop this into creative executions. The next call would be to the media people and they would be asked to put together schedules for a 30 second TV spot or a magazine DPS.

Continual developments in technology and capability have pushed media further forward in the process of creative development. Where appropriate, forward thinking clients and agencies are allowing media to lead creative and some really clever work is being produced as a result.

I gave 3 examples that really show how developments in technology have facilitated the integration of media into the creative process:

1) British Airways World Offers and Google Earth

British Airways integrated Google Earth technology into their creative message and got some excellent results.

I wrote more about this on a previous post here:

2)Ebay live feed into TV ads

In October 2007 the latest eBay campaign launched in the UK. It featured 10-second commercials using real-time auction listings with a live feed direct from the eBay website. Traditionally there had been a delay of around 72 hours between registering a new creative and it going live so this was a big jump forward. This campaign was a great example of how a good idea can been brought to life by including technology and media in the creative development process.

3)Nike Run London / Nike+ mash-up with Google Maps

Google have opened up their APIs and it is now possible to embed Google products into brand websites. Nike took Google Maps and overlaid / mashed them up with running routes. Users could register their own routes, search out others and leave comments. Whether intentional or not, adapting Google Maps and embedding it into their own website led to Nike creating a social network of runners around an original piece of technology.

Nick Burcher writes: “Integrating media and creative can deliver fantastic results and the three executions above are great examples of how effective campaigns can be when media and creative work together.”

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