Thursday, 8 November 2007

P Diddy, Burger King and LisaNova on YouTube - Social Media campaigns don't always work out as planned.....

Burger King and P Diddy got together on the DiddyTV on YouTube to announce that they were entering into a partnership. The first episode features Diddy walking through a Burger King, chatting to the camera and ordering a Whopper.

Not everyone on YouTube enjoyed the P Diddy / Burger King YouTube tie up though. LisaNova became something of a YouTube celebrity after posting her own version of this clip as a video response:

The LisaNova Burger King clip has twice as many views as the P Diddy Burger King video! I think this is a good example of how brands now need to engage consumers, rather than just preach at them. The key thing is to operate within the 'rules of the universe' and give consumers something useful - two things that the Diddy clip didn't do.

Bo Hellberg from Ogilvy summed this up nicely at IAB Engage 2007. He says "if brands are going to gatecrash the party, they can at least turn up with some booze." (!)

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Anonymous said...

Once again Diddy proves what a wanker he is. But you have to love the democracy of the web. LisaNova is hilarious. Now you can have it "your way, with salt n' peppa".