Thursday, 13 December 2007

Newsknife Top News sites of 2007

I have been sent a PR release by Neil from

"Newsknife have just finished compiling a list of the world's top news sites based on a study of 3800 news sites at Google News across 2007.

1 New York Times
2 Voice of America
3 Reuters
4 Washington Post
5 ABC News
6 Houston Chronicle
7 Forbes
8 Times Online, UK
9 Bloomberg
10 CNN
11 Los Angeles Times
12 Associated Press

This is the sixth year of Newsknife's "Top News Sites" ratings.

Newsknife's ratings are based on monitoring the main US-oriented Google News site. The Top 12 for 2007 suggests a trend towards US-based news sites, compared with previous years. The big event was the late-August debut of several major wire services at Google News. Associated Press calculated on an annual basis, makes our Top 12. Newsknife expects to see it climb in 2008."

The Google News results give an interesting insight into the popularity of news sites in the US, however these results should be used in conjunction with traditional measures such as site visits, unique users, page views etc to get the full picture for Global news sites - if nothing else I would expect Guardian Unlimited and to re-enter the top 10!

Interesting data though and the full Newsknife rationale behind this list can be found here -

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