Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Swedish Lucia in Second Life - 13th December 2007 - as advertised in Avastar

I am only ever an occasional visitor to Second Life, but whilst researching another post I stumbled across an ad in the Avastar (virtual newspaper) that intrigued me. The traditional Swedish celebration of Lucia (announcing the start of the Christmas season) will be held on Thursday (13th December) by a group inside Second Life.

Promising "a real Swedish Lucia complete with an entourage of singers, a Christmas tree, Santa (the real one!), Swedish freebie gifts, Swedish live music and disco" it might be quite entertaining. I'll report back tomorrow!Second Life Swedish Lucia
Tina's comments below show how popular and successful the event was. I didn't get in for the main event but did meet Lucia later!



Hello I hope you made it! We had a huge respeonse on this event so we should have had 4 sims instead of a single one - sorry about that!

We had over 75 avatars on the sim for 4 hours..and a quee that was enormous.

The event was a huge succes.. for both us and for the Swedish Red Cross that got all the income from tips and from sales..

/Tina - For the Swedish Peoples Lucia in Second Life

Nick Burcher said...

I didn't get in for the main Lucia celebration but managed to get there later. Enjoyed meeting Lucia, thought the venue looked great and had a good time ice skating!

Think this was a really clever idea and I'm pleased it was such a big success - I'll make sure I get there earlier next year!!!!