Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Media Week debate if Facebook can 'live up to the hype in 2008?'

Media Week published an article today about Facebook, entitled ‘Can Facebook live up to the hype in 2008?’

I gave a number of quotes and viewpoints and some of these were included in the article:

‘Nick Burcher is unconvinced “The killer will be what happens when the novelty factor wears off,” he says. “You don’t know if anything else is going to come along to steal Facebook’s position. Will it become central to people’s lives or is it a passing fad.”’

‘Burcher says advertisers are finding it hard to capitalise on Facebook’s opportunities. He points to the unpopularity of the Beacon ad system with American users, who want to keep their online activity to themselves; the mixed experience of brands who have dabbled with fan pages; and the unpredictability of user-generated content.’

‘He cites the example of Canadian Beer Molson, which used Facebook for an online marketing campaign where students were encouraged to post pictures of their campus parties. Critics said the initiative promoted irresponsible drinking and the brewer decided to axe the campaign – with one senior executive reflecting that they had “a lot to learn” about using social media.’

Zed’s Burcher says: “The most important thing is being able to integrate advertising and content in a credible way. If you can offer people a reason for interacting with you, then you get a much more rewarding return as an advertiser.”

The boxed out section of the piece labels me as ‘The Cynic’ and quotes me as saying, “I’m not sure about that Facebook will live up to the hype in the long run. Facebook has grown rapidly, but once the novelty factor has worn off, its appeal will dwindle and the public will be quick to move on to the next craze. Half of Facebook’s users currently check their pages daily and have very high average page views. However, there are signs that users are visiting less frequently, and, in time this will reduce the site’s appeal for advertisers.”

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