Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Media Week top 10 most linked to online videos

Media Week listed the 10 most linked to videos today. Data was for 21st January 2008 and was taken from Nielsen BuzzMetrics BlogPulse. Measuring videos in terms of number of links, rather than number of views, shows the ‘virality’ of clips and furthers understanding of how successful word of mouth distribution is created.

List for January 21st 2008:

1) ‘People In Order’ on YouTube

2) Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” – YouTube

3) President Bush pardons himself against potential war crimes – YouTube

4) Ooedo no Hikeshi – Deep Purple’s “Smoke On The Water” on YouTube

5) Comedian Anne Roumanoff on Sarkozy and Carla - Daily Motion

6) Dying 47-year old professor gives exuberant “Last Lecture” – Google Video

7) Richard Hammond presents Bloody Omaha – YouTube

8) Ezra Levant’s opening statement at the human rights commission – YouTube

9) Head tracking for desktop VR displays using Wii Remote – YouTube

10) You suck at Photoshop #1 – YouTube

The top ten is repeatedly made up of an eclectic mix of content – parody videos and comedy mixed with serious news and classic speeches. Online video viewing levels are rapidly increasing and the varied nature of content ‘highlights the ever-changing nature of consumer-generated media.’

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