Monday, 14 January 2008

Metro launch series of features on 'Change' and give readers the chance to redesign the Metro masthead!

Today's Metro newspaper launched a series of features on change and started a competition to allow readers to design a new Metro masthead!

The newspaper contains a 4 page feature in association with Zurich and it looks at how our lives have changed over the last 10 years. Looking to the future, the feature also references the 'Living Britain' report that Zurich commissioned from the Future Laboratory.

The feature includes top news stories from 1997, a quiz and various interesting facts including:

- Dave Winer started the first online diary in 1997 (the word blog was first used 2 years later)
- The 'Google' domain name was first registered in 1997
- 1997 saw the launch of BBC News 24 and Sky Digital

The feature also contains discussions about change in music, fashion, celebrity, books, transport, technology and community.

Activity appears online at and there are links to the stories about how the world has changed, the Living Britain report, a quiz on changes in the last decade and the competition to redesign the masthead (with a gallery showing submissions so far.) Readers also have the chance to contribute their thoughts on change or submit their favourite quotes about change.


Holster® said...

Anyone else feel a little let down by the results?

I had a go at it but to no avail...


Nick Burcher said...

I think the logos on the Metro website at the moment are just samples.

Actual winners (and winning logos) are due to be announced in tomorrow's paper (Mon 28th Jan.)