Thursday, 17 January 2008

Shift to online video viewing highlighted after Kevin Keegan's reappointment prompts increase in YouTube viewings!

The New York Times recently published an article about video snacking and wrote about how ‘lunchtime has become the new prime time, as workers click aside their spreadsheets to watch videos’ (

The New York Times article went on to talk about how media organizations are responding to this cultural shift by producing snack size short video and typically uploading this for lunchtime / office viewing. This is also evident in the UK where the Telegraph has been having success with Telegraph TV ( and according to Media Week (15.01.08) they are expanding the number of channels available on Telegraph TV by introducing seven new Telegraph TV channels including Politics, Culture, Food, Motoring and Travel.

The most obvious example of the shift towards online video though, is to look at the response to Kevin Keegan being re-appointed as the manager of Newcastle Football club.

Keegan famously lost his temper in his first spell at Newcastle and viewing of the YouTube video footage of this rant (‘Kevin Keegan Famous Rant - I will love it if we beat them!’) leapt up yesterday afternoon in response to the news that he would be taking over as manager again.

The video has received over 75,000 views in the last 24 hours and 122 comments have been left in the same period! A great example of how news can drive people online to watch video content.

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