Friday, 1 February 2008

'Banksy's Ghetto' - Banksy virtual gallery launches in Second Life

A virtual Banksy Gallery has been launched in the Topaz region of Second Life (Topaz/89/34/28.) Charlie Backwell (aka Charmarley Nightfire) from Bristol has launched an area in Second Life called "Banksy's Ghetto" where 400 virtual pieces of Banksy's work are on display.

The launch event today (Friday 1st Feb 2008) is called 'BANKSY'S GHETTO 24 HOUR LAUNCH PARTY!' and the profile / event announcement states:

Banksy's Ghetto launch party notification"Event: BANKSY'S GHETTO 24 HOUR LAUNCH PARTY!!!

Hosted by: Charmarley Nightfire

The worlds (any worlds) first extensive gallery of works by the UK street artist Banksy! On this opening night, there will be 5L$/10 mins! camping, streaming funky grooves and underground UK sounds. Come along and see the art, reflect on it with other residents & see one of the rarest early pieces for sale in Real Life! There's surveys, competitions AND Banksy T shirts and Pants for Sl residents! For art appreciators - theres a Palestine wall, early freehand graff, right through to the latest in stencil work around the world.

The Banksy Experience - A next generation Gallery! - not to be missed."

Here is the link to the Event Profile:

To get to the actual area, go into Second Life, search for 'Banksy's Ghetto'

The Banksy Ghetto gallery is very impressive - set across 3 floors and a garden and there is even furniture to sit on. All the famous Banksy images can be found here and I have taken a number of screengrabs - everything from the Pulp Fiction bananas through to my local Banksy 'Maid In Camden.'

Think this is a clever way of using Second Life and I think Banksy's Ghetto will be a popular destination. I have enjoyed walking round tonight (see the screengrabs below) - thank you Charmarley!

Screengrabs from the Banksy Ghetto virtual gallery (click images to see larger versions):

Banksy's Ghetto in Second Life - outsideOutside Banksy's Ghetto in Second Life

Banksy's Ghetto in Second Life - roof terraceBanksy's Ghetto in Second Life - roof terrace

Banksy's Ghetto in Second Life - entrance hallBanksy's Ghetto in Second Life - entrance hall

Banksy's Ghetto in Second Life - Maid in CamdenBanksy's Ghetto in Second Life - Maid in Camden

Banksy's Ghetto in Second Life - TVBanksy's Ghetto in Second Life - TV and Vandalism

Banksy's Ghetto in Second Life - Guantanomo and Kissing PolicemanBanksy's Ghetto in Second Life - Mona Lisa, Guantanomo and Kissing Policemen

Banksy's Ghetto in Second Life - Pulp FictionBanksy's Ghetto in Second Life - Pulp Fiction

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