Monday, 18 February 2008

Creative Commons, 'Flickr', Johnathan Coulton and my Flickr photo featured in Schmap Guide to Gothenburg!

Creative commons licences are changing the way that content is published / used on the internet and one of the main sources of rights free photography is Flickr.

I had a marketing lecture tonight that discussed this further. One of our examples of a great Flickr based, Creative Commons project, was something called the 'Flickr song' by Johnathan Coulton. His song 'Flickr' consists of a slide show of random photos with an accompanying song with lyrics based on the images.

Johnathan Coulton saw 'Flickr' picked up on Boing Boing and a whole range of other websites. The posting for 'Flickr by Johnathan Coulton' is on Google Video here:

I have had my own Flickr moment recently too. Aside from posting photos of the Camden Market Fire, I have also added a range of other images that I have taken. I have posted a number of photos of central Gothenburg (Sweden) and one of the images I have uploaded has been noticed by a guidebook company:

Gustav Vasa in Gothenburg

The new Schmap guide to Gothenburg is about to be released and I am really pleased that my Flickr photo is included (in the 'Hotels' section.) The Schmap guide to Gothenburg can be found here:

Another example of how Flickr is changing the way that organisations source and use photos!


Ciaran said...

Nick - I was Shmapped recently too, for their Sydney guide. I really like their operation - utilising web 2.0 to play on people's egos - flattering them into providing free images

Nick Burcher said...

Yes I was flattered to be asked for my photo, but I think its the way things are going to go. Consumer producers or prosumers are uploading so much content now, why would you pay a photographer to go to a far off location when there are so many photos now freely available?

Flickr has grown enormously over the last 18 months and there was a good article in the Observer newspaper about it this weekend: Observer Flickr article