Monday, 25 February 2008

Digital Perspectives - a collaborative work in progress!

Since I started I have 'met' a variety of people from across the globe. People have fed back on things I have written and I have participated in conversations that other people have started.

One of the most striking aspects is that while digital properties like Google or Facebook may be similar in every market, the significance of them and the way they are being used is different in every region.

I plan to produce a non-profit, collaborative document to try and capture a global digital perspective, with the hope being that it can represent viewpoints and ideas from different countries. This is a non-profit initiative and is aiming to get personal opinions rather than company / business contributions. I couldn't think of anything better than 'Digital Perspectives' - happy to change it if anyone can suggest something better!

I will publish the paper as it progresses with a Creative Commons non-copyright licence on this blog and will encourage contributors to publish it on their sites too. I will provide links to the personal sites of anyone who contributes and will encourage contributors to the same.

My hope is that this will be interesting for all involved as well as all contributors getting SEO benefit from links and resulting exposure.

Content can be anything to do with digital from your country and can be taken from an existing blog post or could be something specially created for this. I don't think it needs to be any more than 250 words for each contribution (though it there are no strict rules!). I aim to publish a first draft 3 weeks from now and will keep updating it whenever anyone sends new content.

I have personally invited people I have met in Holland, Sweden, Australia, Norway, USA, Singapore, France and UK. It is not limited to this group though and I hope more people can contribute. If you like the idea of this then please feel free to blog about it, tell your friends and encourage others - link to this post and / or send submissions to nickburcher AT!

(Also if anyone knows how to create a clickable badge that can be distributed that would be great!)

Looking forward to seeing what (if anything) happens!

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