Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Latest Twitter usage statistics illustrate Twitter's global reach

New - Twitter usage statistics and demographics here

Biz Stone sent out a Twitter update email this morning. It discusses new features (such as easier replying), trends such as Twitter use in the Presidential election and also gives some interesting statistics:

Whilst Twitter does not publish actual user numbers, they have released some Twitter usage statistics for share of web traffic. These Twitter statistics are only based on web traffic and do not take into account mobile use, however the fact that 60% of Twitter web traffic is outside the US (with 39% from Japan) demonstrates how widely Twitter is being used. With Twitter now launching in India numbers will no doubt increase again!
[Twitter international web traffic - click to enlarge]

Another way of visualising this is through the TwitterVision ( mash-up. It shows Twitter updates in realtime on a world map or globe. Interesting to watch and gives a good perspective of how widely Twitter is being used.

Twitter have also published some insightful statistics about the volume of Twitter connections that people have. 50% of Twitter users now have 10 followers and are following 10 people. The top 10% of Twitterers have over 80 followers and follow 70 people. The top 150 Twitterers are listed here on

More stats can be found here:

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