Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Marketing Week Interactive Feature uses my quotes on social media

Robert Lester wrote a piece in todays Marketing Week Interactive Feature and he used some of my quotes:

'Board director at Publicis-owned Zed Media Nick Burcher says: "If we do have an economic slowdown, it's accepted wisdom that there will be pressure on marketing budgets, meaning more of a need to provide return on investment. With pay-per-click advertising, online is far more accountable than other channels, so it is better placed to weather the storm if there is one."'

'Burcher adds: "Online, as an industry, should be positive and look forward, regardless of what happens to the economy. There will be continued online use, although the emphasis might shift. It might be more about acquisition, rather than brand."'

'Burcher believes consumers do not have an issue with being served non-intrusive ads if they are useful and relevant. "Consumers and internet users are willing to accept certain things if they get something in return," he adds. "If people are getting great content, they're not upset by a pre-roll ad before they watch the content."'

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