Saturday, 2 February 2008

The 'Matter Box' is a new experiment in direct mail - and mine has arrived!

I recently stumbled across an intriguing post on Russell Davies' blog. He highlighted an experiment where Tim Milne from Matter was "trying to turn direct mail into something you might actually want to receive. He's running a test programme at the moment and looking for volunteers for the pilot."

I thought this sounded interesting and followed the links through to the 'Matter' site to find out more about the Matter Box pilot project ( .)

The site told me:

"Matter is a box full of interesting stuff.

Matter Box is a new and unique idea in communications that brings companies and people together around real, physical stuff–things you can hold in your hands, keep in your drawer, or give to your friends. It's a new way for companies to introduce themselves by giving you something you might like."

So I filled in my details and early today my Matter box was delivered today:

This impressive, sturdy Matter Box then opened up nicely:

and revealed a whole collection of interesting things!

The Matter Box blog gives a full run down of the contents and the story behind each of the items -

Our favourite item was the Sony Playdoh - a great way of enhancing the Rabbits creative and very well received by the younger members of our household! Also noteworthy were the Sony Ericsson Music Monster (which managed to intrigue me enough to send me back online to the website it detailed and the EVO Top Trumps (which showed us that traditional games can still be fun!)

I think the online response element is interesting. The contents of the Matter box bring brands to life / create further engagement by creating physical connections with a consumer, but if the right physical connection is made the consumer can be prompted to go back online (as I did with the Sony Music Monster.) If people get really excited they will talk about it on blogs, social networks and other interactive areas. Being included in the Matterbox isn't just a nice way of extending a TV campaign, it can also create online buzz and positive sentiment as recepients feel compelled to talk about particularly interesting things received. The Matterbox could therefore become a powerful example of how online and offline can effectively work together.

Thank you Matterbox, looking forward to the next one!

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