Friday, 8 February 2008

NMA magazine use my quotes in "Credit Crunch" article

NMA magazine have run an excellent feature this week (07.02.08) entitled 'Credit Crunch.' The feature looks how online advertising could be affected by an economic downturn - and finds that 'online advertisers remain upbeat.'

I spoke to the journalist responsible, Matthew Wall, and he included some of my quotes in this piece:

'Nick Burcher is Board Director of Publicis-owned digital agency Zed Media, which works with clients like BMW, Zurich and Capital One. He says, "if the credit crunch kicks in and affects 2008 ad budgets, there's the potential for marketers to shift budget from brand into more acquisition-based, accountable media channels. In an economic downturn it becomes more important for marketers to show demonstrable ROI and the accountability of online means it will be easier to justify continued marketing spend in digital channels. If online is affected, I would expect it to be on special projects and brand-oriented activity, rather than response-driving channels like paid search."

In other words, online is in a better position to justify itself because its effectiveness is more easily measurable and transparent. More so than other advertising media, it's capable of weathering any storm.

Burcher argues that 2008 will also see improved ad targeting techniques online, reducing ad spend wastage even further and boltering online's case for continued support from advertisers.'

The full story can be read in NMA magazine or through the following link:

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