Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Chaos on 'Deal or No Deal' after problems with the red boxes!

On Tuesday 18th March a compelling episode of Deal or No Deal will be broadcast in the UK where things go drastically wrong with the boxes. In the spirit of openness the programme makers (Endemol) have decided to keep all the problems in the episode rather edit them out. (I'm sure the key moments will be played repeatedly and will no doubt find their way onto sites like YouTube shortly after broadcast!)

Dave the vicar is playing for the £250,000 when halfway through his game he asks for fellow contestant Kirsty to 'open box number 2'. Kirsty obliges and to everyones shock there is no number in the box, just some black tape that should have been displaying a card that showed the amount!

Dave the vicar declares that 'its an Act Of God' and a look of panic comes across Noel Edmonds face. Amid the chaos the cameras show Noel Edmonds going backstage to talk to Endemol / Deal Or No Deal producers. He returns with the missing card, which he keeps hidden and held to his chest.

Dave tells Noel that he is 'looking very serious' and in his serious voice Noel replies that 'we shouldn't forget that it is serious and there is a lot of money at stake'. Noel Edmonds then gives Dave 2 choices. Dave the vicar can either abandon the game and start again or the missing card will be returned to the game, the amounts in the boxes be reshuffled and Dave can continue by starting this round again.

Dave takes option 2 and decides to carry on with his game. To audience gasps and general chaos Noel Edmonds shows him that box number 2 should have contained the £250,000! Rather than losing it as he would have done, this amount is put back into the game, the amounts shuffled and the remaining boxes (including box number 2 are closed up again.)

Dave makes a speech to the audience saying how grateful he is to the Deal Or No Deal producers, everyone else takes a deep breath and the game restarts.

Noel Edmonds asks Dave which box he would like to open. The audience then get a bit hysterical when Dave sticks to his guns and calmly replies, 'box number 2, Kirsty'. Kirsty opens her box for a second time and reveals............

1615 Tuesday 18th March, Channel 4 to find out!

UPDATE: Someone has posted this to YouTube now, so you can see Dave the vicar and the missing Deal or No Deal box below:

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