Saturday, 29 March 2008

Google goes black in the UK for Earth Hour!

Google have changed their homepage background colour from white to black in the UK today. This is to promote Earth hour - an environmental movement that is encouraging people to turn their lights off today between 8pm and 9pm. The full explanation can be found here

Interestingly in 2007 a site called Blackle ( launched a black screen Search Engine based on the premise that an all white web page takes 74 watts to display, whereas an all black page uses only 59 watts. Using this logic EcoIron worked out that a 'Black Google' would save 750-Megawatt hours a year if the screen background was black for all users - hence the Google powered Blackle promoted itself as an environmentally Search engine.

Blackle gained a significant amount of PR for its efforts and created a lot of debate around monitor power usage. However after experimenting Darren Yates on demonstrated that the power saving may not be as much as Blackle claimed. He also showed wide differences between different types and sizes of monitor. Google also highlighted this on the Official Google Blog

I quite liked the black Google today though. It could be a nice touch if users were able to specify what background colour they wanted when they used Google - but then I guess thats the point of iGoogle???

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