Sunday, 16 March 2008

Guerilla green marketing at Finchley Road Mercedes-Benz dealership

Last year the Mercedes-Benz dealership on Finchley Road (A41), one of the main routes out of London, closed down. Nothing has happened with the building though and it has remained empty since. It still has the ‘Official Mercedes-Benz retailer’ branding, but somehow pro-environment protestors have managed to get in to leave a big poster on the inside of the window!

Finchley Road Mercedes Climate protest
posted to Flickr by nickburcher

The poster has been there for a while now and it is a great piece of guerrilla green marketing. Some A3 posters alongside it promote ‘Climate 4 Change’ and two associated websites and .

This is the latest in a succession of viral / guerrilla green campaigns I have seen. I wrote about the Second Life flood here ( and an Amsterdam ambient outdoor ad here (

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