Friday, 14 March 2008

MySpace moving into content production with Beyond The Rave and Operation MySpace

After the success of Quarterlife, Myspace are looking at further ways that they can be both content producers and content distributors.

Quarterlife was originally a series of 8 minute short films on Myspace. It was then picked up by network TV and extended into a series of 24 minute programmes. Myspace are following this up with a series of other content initiatives. Operation Myspace on 10th March ( saw the site organise a concert in Kuwait for military personnel. Myspace flew in a number of big name acts (including Jessica Simpson and the The Pussycat Dolls) and then live streamed the event in HD through a bespoke Myspace page. Operation Myspace is the first time that a website has live streamed HD and a remarkable 2 million people tuned in to watch.

Operation MySpace - Carlos Mencia

The biggest MySpace content undertaking in the UK is a joint production with Hammer films called 'Beyond The Rave.' This is Hammer Films first film for 30 years and it is Myspace TV's first UK commission. It breaks in April and is a high production vampire film with a cast that includes Sadie Frost. Beyond The Rave will initially start with four 3 to 5 minute clips uploaded to and then additional installments will be uploaded every few days. Myspace users will be able to post Beyond The Rave clips to their own profiles and once the whole film has been shown through Myspace a full length, 90 minute 'Beyond the Rave' DVD will be created for sale. (Beyond the Rave teaser can be seen here:

Myspace are planning local commissions for Spain and Germany too. Bebo have had considerable success with Kate Modern and YouTube, Hulu and others are now also distrubuting professional content. Whilst TV on demand through things like the BBC iPlayer is currently successful, short form video content distributed through social networks may ultimately be a more productive way for TV / video producers to engage youth audiences?

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