Monday, 28 April 2008

Unofficial online activity for the London Mayor elections!

I have commented a lot on the official campaigns for the London Mayor elections, but there is also a wide range of unofficial internet activity around the London Mayor elections!

The most noteworthy so far have been:

Pro-Boris hackers taking over the official Harriet Harman website (username; Harriet, password: Harman!)

Hacked homepage of Harriet Harman's official website (as spotted by Guido Fawkes)

There have also been a number of instances of 'cybersquatting' (where savvy internet users register related domain names and serve their own messages):

Anti-Ken website served under

There is even a campaign to get Boris Johnson to number one with the rather brilliant "Is Fatboy Slim a DJ?"

"Is Fatboy Slim A DJ?" - the Boris song, here it at

As this week progresses it may be more entertaining to keep an eye on London Mayor viral / unofficial internet activity than on the official campaigns!

UPDATE: Mayor candidates as characters from Rainbow is getting lots of views on YouTube!

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