Saturday, 10 May 2008

Coldplay go viral to promote Viva La Vida free concerts and new album

Coldplay are running a range of interesting digital activity to support their new album and forthcoming Viva La Vida tour. Ranging from free downloads and itunes bonuses through to a tease and reveal online competition where fans have the chance of winning tickets to free Coldplay gigs in London and New York Madison Square Garden.

From April 29th Coldplay allowed fans a free download of new single 'Violet Hill' from the website. To do this users had to register their email address and Coldplay restricted the free 'Violet Hill' download to a 7 day time period. (This created a significant boost to Coldplay's website traffic and Hitwise published figures on it here.)
Coldplay 'Violet Hill' free download screen (click for larger image)

Coldplay have now sent an email to everyone who downloaded the 'Violet Hill' single. The latest email drives people to where users can find more information on the free Coldplay concerts (and ticket competition) as well as details of their 'Viva La Vida' new album launch:

Coldplay email update from 9th May 2008 (click for larger image)

Website announcement of the free tickets competition for the London and Madison Square Garden gigs
(click for larger image)

As fans enter the competition to win tickets to the free shows, various content (including pictures and video) will be unlocked on the website. Currently it is 9% unlocked:

Unlock page on the Coldplay website - 9% complete (click for larger image)

Coldplay have also made this competition available as a widget that fans can add to Facebook, Bebo or their blogs. The widget promotes both the competition and allows users to hear 'Violet Hill' and the album title track 'Viva La Vida.'

Coldplay Viva La Vida widget (click for larger image)

Coldplay have also taken the opportunity to announce that anyone who pre-orders the new Coldplay album on itunes will get exclusive bonus material and will be able to download the albums title track immediately.

Website announcement of the Coldplay itunes offer (click for larger image)

This activity is very well executed and is a great example of how bands can give something back to their fans without compromising a forthcoming album launch. This activity is all geared towards the new album and by giving free content and opportunities for fans to get involved, Coldplay have engaged their audience and have raised interest / excitement levels over the new songs. Clever stuff!

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