Monday, 12 May 2008

Emails and magazines beamed into Space with are "enabling people to send messages that are true commitments of love as they can never be cancelled or recalled." BT helped develop the technology and messages are transmitted into deep space from the BT Goonhilly Earth station in Cornwall. Messages then travel through space in radio wave form for the rest of eternity and whilst the signals get weaker as they travel, they will exist forever.

screengrab of homepage

Users write a personal message on the website. The receiver of the message is then sent a Certificate of Transmission by post which includes the message and a personal tracking number that allows the journey of their message through outer-space to be tracked. Users can also receive e-mail updates to find-out when the message passes key milestones.

This service costs £9.95 including shipping and certificates can be delivered worldwide.

Use of is not limited to individual users though. SFX magazine have also recently started using to become the world's first magazine to be sent into space!

SFX Magazine announce that issue 170 will be beamed into Space with

"From now on, each issue of SFX will be beamed via satellite into space at phenomenal speeds. Just a few milliseconds after transmission the signal passes about 450 miles above the French Mediterranean and will pass the orbit of Pluto and leave our solar system in a fraction over 5 hours."

The challenge now is to think of something profound to send out into the universe - and I'm not sure 'Hello mum' or 'Watford FC are the greatest' will do the job..........

Any ideas?

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Anonymous said... does the same kind of thing...users can type in a message and have it beamed into space using powerful microwave transmitting equipment.