Thursday, 8 May 2008

Flogo cloud logos - the sky isn't the limit!

Flogo cloud logos are a new form of ambient / outdoor advertising - basically small bubble clouds created to a specified shape / logo. Developed by two international special effects advisors, Francisco Guerra and Brian Glover from Snowmasters, the Flogo is an interesting new way of marketing / advertising outdoors.

Flogos are shaped to form recognisable logos and released into the sky

Composed of a soap based formula mixed with gases like helium, a Flogo generator can produce a Flogo every 15 seconds in sizes of either 24 inch diameter, 36 inch diameter or 48 inch diameter. Flogos can travel 20-30 miles and reach heights of 20,000 feet, though normally travel at around 500 feet. Currently only available in white, the makers plan to introduce coloured Flogos in 2009.

A demonstration film is on YouTube here:

or more can be seen on their website at

So who will be the first brand to test this in the UK?!

ANSWER: London smiley face clouds here

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