Wednesday, 21 May 2008

List of the largest Facebook Fan Pages (with links and images)

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The Facebook Fan Page Directory aims to allow users to find Facebook Fan Pages more easily, allowing browsing of categories and companies in alphabetical order and removes the need to rely on the notoriously cumbersome Facebook Search mechanism.

The Facebook Fan Page Directory is the first in a number of changes that Facebook are planning to implement over coming weeks to improve user experience. I wrote about the launch of Facebook Fan Pages here and I have now used the new Facebook Fan Page search mechanisms to look at what the most popular fan pages are.

The full Facebook Fan Page directory is here:

Much harder to find is a way of looking at a full list of Facebook Fan Pages, starting with the most popular. However this link allows users to browse the Facebook Fan Pages in descending order of popularity:

[NOTE – You have to be logged into Facebook to use the above links effectively]

Here is my list of the top Facebook Fan Pages :

1) Barack Obama – 847,538 Supporters (note they are not called ‘Facebook Fans’)

Barack Obama Facebook Fan Page

Lots of things on this page, notes, photos, YouTube box and various discussions and debates. Interesting that the number one Facebook Fan page is from a politician rather than a musician or brand......

2) The Chris Moyles Show – 432,798 Facebook fans

Chris Moyles Facebook Fan Page badge that can be added to your personal Facebook profile

UK BBC Radio1 DJ Chris Moyles has a comprehensive fan page with Fan photos, links to his podcast and even Facebook badges that users can display on their profiles (see image.)

3) Apple Students – 416,715 Facebook fans

'Apple Students' Facebook Fan Page logo

'Apple Students' is a popular page, though the main aim of it seems to be to offer a student discount voucher.

4) Victoria’s Secret PINK – 358,841 Facebook fans

Victoria's Secret PINK discount voucher from Facebok Fan Page

Fashion page with PINK news downloadable Facebook widget, opportunities to PINK your photos and read your PINK horoscope. Also promotes PINK summer collection and offers a $15 discount on PINK shorts. Nicely executed page and clearly popular with their target audience!

5) The Stig – 268,696 Facebook fans

The Stig's (sparse) Facebook Fan Page

The Stig, test driver from the BBC Top Gear motoring programme is the 5th biggest Facebook Fan page, but doesn't seem to have very much at all on his page - random!

Rest of the top 10 largest Facebook Fan Pages: 6) Daft Punk – 197,052 Facebook fans, 7) Linkin Park – 188,026 Facebook fans, 8) Justin Timberlake – 181,525 Facebook fans, 9) Top Gear – 173,326 Facebook fans, 10) Chris Brown – 170,200 Facebook fans

Highest rated band / music artist:

6) Daft Punk – 195,308 Facebook fans
Daft Punk Facebook Fan Page

Daft Punk have created an impressive Fan Page with YouTube links to Daft Punk videos, Daft Punk discographies, Daft Punk photos and Daft Punk RSS feeds. The kings of digital music seem to have mastered Facebook fan pages and are the highest listed music act.

Highest rated product:

17) Nutella – 145,721 Facebook fans

Nutella Facebook Fan Page

I doubt that anyone would guess that Nutella have the highest ranking product specific Facebook Fan Page. Various photos, YouTube links, fan debates and nuggets of product information - I'm still amazed that people can be so passionate about an everyday product!

Other notable:

36) H&M – 96,335 Facebook fans

H&M Facebook Fan Page

H&M have a good looking Facebook Fan page and I wanted to note their efforts too. The H&M Facebook Fan Page is updated regularly with new looks, links to a variety of things (such as the H&M virtual dressing room) and is a hub for a lot of H&M digital initiatives. One for others to try to emulate!

Since launch late last year Facebook Fan pages have had widespread take up and now that users can search and browse more effectively Facebook Fan Pages may become even more popular. I will update this list from time to time as things change. I will also try to contrast the performance of Facebook Fan Pages against Facebook Groups which I have previously written about here.


Rick Lamb said...

I just watched the You Tube video on your site and it dawned on me that when Americans say 'You Tube' it sounds like they are saying 'U2'. When he asks the guy, 'What's your favourite You Tube video?' I thought he was going to say something like 'The Fly' or 'Where the streets have no name', so I was taken aback when he replied 'the skateboarding dog'. Just thought I'd share that.

Josh Jordan said...

It just dawned on me that an American once again invented something the rest of the world can't get enough of. I mean, Where the Streets Have No Name.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how old your list is, but wanted to point out a fan page that should be listed here. At the moment it has 295,825 fans and it's constantly growing.

Anonymous said...

Yes, well, just so everybody knows (and I'm sure you probably do) Australia invented, Vegemite, the ute, the electronic pacemaker and much more...

Clarke said...

Haha these are hardly large!

Lady Gaga is pushing 6,000,000!

Anonymous said...

does this page count? lol 17 and counting fans...

Yash Mehrotra said...

Facebook Page with most fans is Texas Hold'em Poker ... more than 17 million fans!!

Anonymous said...

I reckon this will be on the list soon :)

Susan Chaves said...

I think this one is new but it is freaking awesome for all parents.

Lies I tell my kid:

Vic said...

Great list and some icons not coming from US is going to be included in the list. This is an old post, but Obama is still leading till this date. I guess so.

Nick Burcher said...

New post! Top 30 Facebook Pages - October 2010

Bilal Jawed said...

check this page it is one of largest in fb:

nazma rifdy said... what about this?????