Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Skype Nomad - promoting Skype through 33 days of 'perpetual motion'

Travel journalist, Rebecca Campbell, has assumed the role of 'Skype Nomad' and is aiming to spend 33 days travelling / blogging the world, demonstrating 'how mobile Skype can be.'

The Skype Nomad adventure has just started. She left Heathrow over the weekend and the Skype Nomad itinerary entails being permanently in motion for the duration of the 33 day trip (even sleeping whilst travelling!)

According to the Skype blog: "She'll be hopping from jet to rickshaw and bumboat in Singapore to a Fogg-esque hot-air balloon over the Alps in Austria, to gondola in Venice, a boat cruising the Yangtze River in China, cable car in San Francisco, dog sled in Alaska, the famed cross-continental Indian Pacific train between Sydney and Perth in her native Australia, and a boat ride across the Baltic from Sweden to Skype's supreme HQ in Tallinn, Estonia to finish up June 6, "D-Day.""

Unsurprisingly this journey has a large array of social media initiatives attached to it. From Skype users being able to connect to her in real time through Skype to the obligatory Facebook / MySpace pages as well as use of Flickr, Twitter and more niche sites like Dopplr.

Skype Nomad Twitter -

Skype Nomad MySpace -

The Skype Nomad itinerary can be seen on the Skype Nomad YouTube channel here:

There is also a Skype Nomad 'traditional' blog which contains links to all her social media and also a 3D globe that shows her progress.

The Skype Nomad blog

Everything is updated through Skype mobile internet and I assume these adventures will all be aggregated into a book once the trip has finished? The Skype Nomad project is another interesting way of promoting a product by going to extreme lengths to demonstrate its functionality, whilst using social media and PR to bring the whole thing to life. It is also commendable that this project is raising money for charity at the same time.

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