Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Kristi Vandenbosch video showcasing the best of the US Presidential election online activity

The US Presidential primaries have now finished and Kristi Vandenbosch has put together a great video that highlights some of the most popular viral videos and online activity from the US primary campaigns. The video features the Jack Nicholson endorsement, Obama Girl, John McCain as the Fresh prince, Hillary vs Cookies and many many others!

You can watch it here:

Kristi Vandenbosch's US presidential election online showreel from the Advertising 2.0 US conference

This showreel demonstrates how dramatically the political campaigning landscape has changed in the US, with digital (especially user generated content) now playing a major role in US elections. It also shows how far ahead online political campaigning in America is versus the UK.

I wrote a number of pieces recently about the London Mayor election and the candidates' use of online. Whilst there were a wide range of new initiatives and some commendable activity through social networks and digital channels, when you see the US Presidential campaign highlights in the video, it shows how much more potential there is for UK politicians to use online channels to capture the public imagination – though I’m not sure we'll see ‘Gordon Brown girl’ any time soon!

UPDATE - Google have also published a review of the Presidential primary elections online on the official Google blog. Titled 'Elections in the internet era' it pulls together links to a number of YouTube reviews like 'Pop Culture politics' and 'Running the 21st century campaign.' Read more here:

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