Saturday, 28 June 2008

Paul Oakenfold on Kiss FM to launch the Kiss in Ibiza season and a retrospective of 20 years of Electronica

Paul Oakenfold has joined Kiss FM this weekend to launch the Kiss in Ibiza season and start a series of shows looking at the evolution of dance music. Paul Oakenfold is presenting three shows across this weekend, Kiss Ibiza Classics (Fri 27th June 10pm), Kiss Ibiza Legends (Sat 28th June 11pm) and a documentary called Kiss Ibiza (Sun 29th June 7pm.)

Paul Oakenfold was one of the original Kiss 100 presenters in 1985 and his return to Kiss will see him present a series of shows charting the history of dance music over the last 20 years - Paul Oakenfold's Ibiza Review is the first in this series.

In conjunction with the radio shows, Paul Oakenfold and Kiss have produced a YouTube video where Paul Oakenfold gives a tour of his Hollywood studio and talks about career highlights and his favourite tracks:

I listened to the Kiss Ibiza Classics show tonight (Friday night) and really enjoyed it - lots of memories with various Perfecto tracks coupled with other Ibiza classics like Agnelli & Nelson 'Everyday', however there doesn't seem to be anywhere on the Kiss site that allows 'Listen Again' or Podcast / download.

UPDATE - the Paul Oakenfold shows are available on demand through the Kiss radio player at but they have not been labelled as Paul Oakenfold. To hear Friday's Paul Oakenfold KissFM show you need to select 'EZ Fridays 10pm', this is actually the Paul Oakenfold Ibiza Classics show. To hear the Saturday night Ibiza Legends Paul Oakenfold show you will need to select '11pm Shortee Blitz Mixtape'. Strange that the shows haven't been re-labelled on the catch up player or on the online schedule...........

The Paul Oakenfold Kiss FM radio shows do not seem to have been extended online either. Given Paul Oakenfold's mastery of the internet ( and I was expecting to find the tracklistings and audio online after the show.

Getting Paul Oakenfold was a fantastic coup for Kiss and, whilst I enjoyed the show, it would be great to be able to listen again or download it. Dutch Radio 538 produce an excellent podcast for Tiesto's radio show ( and a similar initiative could extend the reach of the Kiss FM Paul Oakenfold shows.

I think there is also an opportunity to create a deeper engagement with the Paul Oakenfold shows through a discussion forum / online space around the broadcast. A lot of people have dance music memories and memorablia tucked away. Aggregating this content around the Paul Oakenfold Kiss FM shows could create a hub of activity and really bring to life the retrospective that Paul Oakenfold will be presenting - it would also give me a use for some of the stuff that I have kept:

Muzik magazine celebrates the launch of Home nightclub in Leicester Square, London (October 1999 - who said magazines have a readership lag????)

Home launch line-up:

Introducing social elements to the Paul Oakenfold Kiss FM shows would create a deeper engagement with listeners and I think a 'Kisstory' gallery would be great! This is another example of an excellent 'traditional media' initiative that could be further enhanced by integrating the content with other channels and extending it using social media platforms.


mark england said...

Hi. Did you ever manage to locate the tracklist for the friday night show? Cheers Mark.

Nick Burcher said...

I haven't found the full track list for the Paul Oakenfold Kiss FM Ibiza Classics show, but on the Listen Again I was able to recognise the following:

Chicane – Offshore
Lustral – Everytime
Greece 2000 – 3 Drives on A Vinyl
Da Hool – Meet Her At The Love Parade
Nalin & Kane – Beachball
Agnelli & Nelson – Everyday
CJ Bolland – The Prophet

Hope this helps!